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  1. Hi, if the Blu-ray of Neon Genesis Evangelion comes out, will you do an encode of it, please do as well as the Rebuild films.

      1. May I second this. I’ve been a fan of your work since you came out with Gundam Wing six years ago. I think with all that you offer (video quality, English credits, subs, bonus material, OST, etc) your releases are unmatched–which made it that much more disappointing when the Outlaw Star blu-ray came out with no OZC encode. (Believe me, I understand. Funimation was quick to pick OS up.) I’m sure that there will be others who’ll encode the blu-ray box; I’m also sure they’ll be good. However, with a classic like NGE which epitomizes some of the best anime has offered during its golden years, I feel that the release of NGE would be under-served if not done by you, OZC. Just as I couldn’t think of a better release for anime like Patlabor, Gundam Wing, Ghost in the Shell (1995), Big O, and most notably Cowboy Bebop, I can’t think of a better release for NGE BD Box than OZC’s. So I do hope earnestly that NGE BD Box is among your prospects for future releases. It’s quite a set — I hear — they’re releasing…

        1. I have it preordered but whether I’ll be able to afford it when it comes out is another question. We may try for another donation drive like we did for Digimon, but we’ll see. I do want to do it though.

          1. That’s good to hear. When you do start up the donation drive, I’ll give whatever I can to help.

        1. It will really depend on finances. If we can get donations for it, it will happen. Otherwise, I’m not sure I can make it work.

  2. Not sure where this comment belongs, but the Gundam MS IGLOO “complete series” isn’t complete. It has 2 parts out of 3. Any idea when the third part will be added? Anything we can do to help?


    1. If you mean MS IGLOO 2, I don’t count that since it’s actually numbered as a separate sequel, and stars a new cast of characters. Apocalypse 0079 and Hidden One Year War did have different names, but they flow together over the span of the war, so I treated them as one installment. Plus, like I said, they didn’t count them separately or else MS IGLOO 2 would have been MS IGLOO 3. Since there was never an official release of IGLOO 2 by BVUSA, I didn’t do an encode of it, and so for the purposes of the site, it is considered complete.

      1. Um… I’m sorry to make quite a noise on your site. I’m not good at computer and ripping procedure, but I guess it is quite a hard work.

        I want you to know, I didn’t have any intention to ignore your effort and your works. I’m quite ignorant about iso,bluray, and other things, so I wonder quite a lot of that. Maybe it makes you annoying. I apologize it.

        I just want to see and have iso file (original file) of digimon adventure bluray. That was my only wish.

        “We will probably upload the ISOs later after we are done with them.”

        Even though you say so… maybe I was too hasty about it.

        I beleive your word, and wait for iso and your awesome bluray file.


        If you get angry because of my haste, I apologize about it.

        1. You gotta understand, I’m INCREDIBLY busy with all kinds of projects, so when we say we’ll do something, we almost always mean it. Maybe it won’t be tomorrow, but it’ll happen. So when we said we might upload the ISOs later, we meant later. Asking over and over for us to upload them doesn’t make us inclined to do it sooner, and in fact, makes us less likely to do it at all. Plus, the ISOs for the first 4 discs are already available on AsianDVDClub, which is where we would have uploaded them anyway, so if you want them, there’s no need to wait to get them because it’s the same thing as what we would have uploaded.


          The other big reason is that these discs were paid for by VERY generous donators and so we have an obligation to do with them what the donators paid for before we give them to the internet at large. Asking over and over for the discs that someone else paid for is, quite frankly, rude. If you really wanted the discs that bad, Amazon Japan has them in stock. You can buy them. It’s not like they are some terribly rare thing that only 3 copies were ever made.


          Your initial posts came off like you didn’t know what an ISO file was, which is why I told you that you needed to get a better grasp on the terminology before continuing to ask for the ISOs, because your posts came off as if you thought the ISOs were simply a “better video format” and that’s not what they are. Ignorance is fine; we were all ignorant of these things at some point or another. The irritation comes from when we explained what an ISO was and why it isn’t particularly better or worse, but you kept asking for the ISOs so you could have “the best video quality” or however it was you phrased it. That told us that you weren’t listening to what we were telling you and just wanted something you had no idea about because you thought it was better.


          I welcome questions about what we are doing and I think I can speak for omniG when I say he also is fine with questions when the person asking makes an effort to understand the answers we give. Where we get frustrated and stop trying to be helpful is when people ignore the information we give them and continue to ask the same questions. When people don’t listen, we stop caring.

  3. Please encode the digimon as highest quality!!
    And please upload digimon iso file~^^ Include digimon movie~ (I heard iso file is highest quality file. Even it’s size is big.)
    OZC anime is so good because it’s quality is so high!
    Thank you OZC~!!

    1. Considering the corrections OZC made to the first Digimon movie, the encodes are actually probably going to look better than the ISO’s. ISO files are a literal 1:1 copy of the entire disc (unless it’s stripped, but I have a hard time believing OZC would do that, considering the remarkable quality releases that come out). You typically get the menu’s and special features, alongside the videos. Unless you intend to burn the ISO to a BDR, you’re kind of wasting space at that point and would be better served with just a 1080p encode.

      I haven’t looked at the Digimon BD’s, but a single BD ISO is usually around 50GB. With it being a 15 year old anime series, it might be around 25GB, but you’re still talking way oversized if you just want the movie (OZC’s encode of the first movie is a reasonable 1.75GB, while also looking fantastic). I tend to deal more with American Hollywood stuff, but for comparison, a quality 1080p encode would be around 14GB, but the ISO would be 50GB. Even if you stripped it down to just the movie (called a remux), it still comes in around 25-30GB.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The ISOs would be untouched, which could be a mixed bag. For the movies, that would mean no deshaking and no color corrections for those movies that’ll be getting them.

        1. I’d be very interested in what color corrections you do and how you do them.

          I actually started cutting up the blurays to match the US “Digimon Movie” (why did they have to cut frames off of like every scene change instead of just dropping some scene I don’t care about…) and I was already debating whether it would be better to use the straight blurays, deshake it myself, or just use the deshaked video from you guys and eat the quality loss. But it seems overwhelmingly unlikely that I’ll actually be not-lazy enough to deshake and color correct.

          Screw the BDMVs, I’d much prefer to see the avisynth script and virtualdub settings released =P

          As for the series, after seeing the BDs, I’d almost rather see the effort go into fixing up the DVDs. Some of the background texture gets lost from the sharpening and some scenes just plain look like shit. And even with all the warpsharp you still get rainbows.

          1. I normally don’t do color corrections because to be honest, I’m not very good at them. However, for movie 2, I found one of the film presets in After Effects CC 2014’s color correction plugin that got the color tones almost completely back to what they were on the DVD. The saturation on the 2nd movie seems a little overblown, but with a little additional tweaking to this preset, I think the results will look good. I didn’t color correct the first movie though and I don’t know if any of the others will need it either.

            I’ll try and get the deshake plugin settings I have used. The biggest annoyance with it is unless you want to do scene-by-scene deshaking, you have to just process the whole movie and then splice in the untouched BD in scenes that are supposed to shake or where pans/zooms get messed up. I’d love to do scene-by-scene but I don’t have the time and patience for that.

            As for the AVISynth script, it’s fairly basic. Just a very light pass of SMDegrain, some dehaloing, and debanding. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

          2. Fixing the DVDs is not a possibility. I own both sets of DVDs that exist for Adventure and dealing with it would be far more difficult than dealing with what we have from the Blu-ray (a number of years ago I actually talked to a well known anime video expert about the possibilities of upscaling and fixing the DVDs. In fact, I want to say when I talked to him about it is around when OZC and myself first became friends. He suggested that upscaling based off what was there would not be worth the effort.

            The DVDs themselves aren’t what we would consider to be great, and much of what you see as texture is more trickery from compression. Although there are some minor texture type things there, most of them aren’t what we would consider visible during actual viewing.

            OZC has already gone through a few tests on the intro and the BDs will definitely be fixed up and enhanced from what is on the disk.

            My intention is to browbeat OZC into doing the film. If you have edit notes from what you’ve done emailing them to me would be helpful as it will help in the browbeating process. I myself will half to redraw, or will have to get someone to redraw, a few things from the movie that only exist in the dub movie itself.

            Frankly the SINGLE biggest thing that would be helpful in getting him to commit 100% to the film oddly has nothing to do with the film itself. I’m having significant issues tracking down recordings of the old Toon Disney/Disney XD airings of movies 4 thru 7. The only copies I can find are ones where people have pulled and stretched to make them fit the DVD rips.

            Someone get me proper TV recordings of those and I guarantee I’ll wrangle OZC into doing the dub versions also.

            Of course, I have also been digging into how much work the TV show dubbed would be and it’s looking promising.

      2. Um, I wanted it because I heard iso file is most high quaility version. They said during ripping process, quality must be down graded. If OZC ripping ver (bluray mkv 1080p) is better than iso ver, it would be remarkable achievement.
        Please answer me. How can i get highest quality version? And which one is highest version?
        Is it possible that envoded version has high quality than original iso?
        I really wonder!

        1. Its not that the encode has better quality exactly, its just that I’m able to do more to the video after the encode process that can’t be done to an ISO. If we upload the ISOs, it wont be until we are done with them.

  4. If bluray mkv 1080p file’s quality is almost same as iso file, then what is the reason that size difference is too big?

    1. I shall give you an official job.

      Go download a random fansub, then go find an iso of that same thing and download it.

      Spend a fortnight going over it in depth and report back on what you’ve found.

      They’ve tried explaining it to you. I don’t have the time or the inclination to do so further because as you admit you don’t actually know the difference. You’ve just ‘heard’ it’s better.

      So go find out then tell us what you think.

      I’ll be sitting here napping and pretending to help in my position as 2nd in charge.

      1. Your words sound very aggressive. Its not good to hear.
        I really appreciate OZC, and I really look forward digimon adventure bluray series.
        So, I don’t want to argue in this page.
        What I asked was just for my curiousity.
        I just wonder if its size difference is that big, there might be quality difference too. (Especially when I watch it as large screen television.)
        I just wonder if quality differece is so little that human can’t notice, than what is the reason that size difference is that big.
        I just ‘ask’ something.
        Don’t answer (acutually, yours are not ‘answer’ at all…)like that please.

        1. I gave you the only answer that makes sense. You want to know if an ISO is better than the files provided.

          So go find an ISO. The ability to notice the difference is different person to person. Most people can’t even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

  5. Would it be possible to have the completed series of the original digimon series uploaded? I want to watch it before the new season is out! 😀

  6. Can one have some hope in the remaining >GitS S.A.C. 2nd Gig Tachikomatic days< in the future, perhaps ? =)
    (Also, thanks for all the hard work that goes into the quality releases, appreciated.)

    1. Our release is only 42 episodes. Because the original Japanese Episode 15 was never dubbed, the US release skipped it and so all the episode numbers were reduced by 1. The eventual batch will have that missing episode included as a bonus sub-only file.

  7. Do you have any plans on doing old school American anime like Star Blazers, Robotech, Kimba, Voltron – Defenders of the Universe or Battle of the Planets?

    Do you have any plans to expand into Cartoons?

    I’m a huge fan of your encodes, thank you for taking the time to do what you do.

    1. Short answer- No.

      Longer answer- Any given potential release depends on a handful of things.

      1- Does OZC care about the franchise enough to give the effort?
      2- Do I care enough about it to convince him to do it based on the effort it’ll take and the potential stresses a multi-month long project can place on a friendship (in short… do I care enough about the show?)
      3- Is the Japanese version of a release actually better?
      4- Is it likely to get released in the USA sooner rather than later?
      5- Does Funimation have it?

      1- Easy. If he likes it, he does it.
      2- Frankly, ignoring the overly long poor joke above. If I like it, he will do it as long as the amount of effort is at least reasonable enough and he has the time.
      3- This one depends show to show.
      4- Ditto.
      5- Arguments about banding aside, if Funimation has the show, they are going to try and give it a classy quality release. Chances are if they have it and it’s a show we like, both of us are in fact going to buy the Funimation Blu-ray release. No reason to do it.

      For your examples-

      Star Blazers- As I remember, there are in fact nice masters in Japan. Bit before my time though and same for OZC. And Voyager, the company that owns American rights has threatened to sue their own prior webmaster if he made a new Star Blazers website. It’s likely not worth the trouble for us even if we wanted to do it.

      Kimba- I know there are DVDs in Japan but I’m not sure the actual quality of them. I know TRSI went to great lengths to try and find the best quality versions for the dub DVDs they did. Again though, the show is far before our time. If it’s the type of thing we look around and find out it wouldn’t take much editing I could imagine doing it if only because it’d be trippy to get something that old in as good a version possible. For all I know though the DVDs in Japan are crap.

      Battle of the Planets- Gatchaman has been remastered nice, so there are certainly source files for that component. The 7-Zark-7 stuff could certainly be upscaled by us if necessary. Did the entire Battle of the Planets version get a DVD release for source files though? I remember best of DVDs but not a proper release. Also to be honest, the show is long. It’s the type of thing I imagine the answer would be no but you never know. We might be able to find a helper monkey who can check timecodes and where to splice footage (which was done a lot in BotP) which would certainly make it possible.

      Voltron- I’m a Voltron fan and know the history of it’s production insanely well. There will be no release from us, because the best release already exists. The old Media Blaster DVDs in the lion tins. We couldn’t do better than that. Partially because they did a great job and partially because Go-Lion isn’t on DVD in Japan. The Media Blasters DVDs for Go-Lion would be the source footage to use and that was the same footage they used anyways.

      Robotech- Oh lordy lord. The Macross component certainly has materials for an HD release if we edited and edited and edited, but then what do we use? The ‘off tape’ classic version? The ‘tons of new sound effects’ remaster version which has a different video edit? Southern Cross has nothing but DVD sources, so would we upscale The Masters ourselves? Keep it at 480p? There are very small bits of original footage for one or two episodes which we’d have to upscale regardless. Mospeada has proper masters for The New Generation. The amount of time and effort just seems like it’d be to much if I’m honest. We’ve joked a bit about doing Robotech but I honestly don’t see us doing it as much as I’d like to just based on the amount of effort.

      We won’t be expanding into cartoons for the simple reason is it wouldn’t make any sense with the mission statement of the group. We make so called “better” archive versions of shows that either have an American release that is older and/or somehow flawed or that we expect will never come out here.

      Of course… if you can get me a shot by shot edit list for Robotech I’ll make OZC do it despite the colossal pain in the ass it’ll be.

  8. Hey, how does one go about asking for reseeds on a few torrents:? Specifically the Gundam Sangokuden 1080p’s, part 1 and 2, and the FLAC Pack for said series? Thanks,

      1. Wonderful, thank you. The first part is going slow, but at a clip of about 170kb/s. I’m willing to wait for that, but I don’t think I’m connected to any seeds for the full torrent anyway.

        Second part just flashed at about 50-100 every once in a while.

        FLAC pack is dead.

        So yeah, I asked. Thanks for your time and help.

        1. As of now, the Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Pt.1 1080p torrent is the only torrent of the three that is actually downloading, and it’s going to take a long long while to go.

          I wish the contents of these torrents could be consolidated into a single torrent.

          I wish these could be moved over to another method of downloading that doesn’t depend on people actively seeding a torrent.

          But all I guess I can ask is that someone comes along and seeds this torrent again.

          1. Well, it’s been a week now. [OZC]SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Pt.2 [E27-51][1080p] is stuck at 92% and [OZC]SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors FLAC Pack is stuck at 91%.

          2. It’s funny. I ended up seeding this once I saw the request and seeded for a week. Then I stopped because I had no more traffic on it. But lo and behold, someone else is asking for it now and there are no seeders yet again. What a wonder that you couldn’t get it too. No one fucking seeds back. It’s all just hit and run.

            From now on, reseed requests are strictly “if I can be bothered to do so” because clearly there isn’t anyone else helping keep these alive.

  9. Hi.

    Dunno if this is the place to ask or if it is even appropriate to ask – given that, apart from a single entry, all your other Code Geass related releases have been purged from this site/torrents. Apologies, in that case.

    This group subbed the Code Geass R2 flash specials/omake when they were first released (9 in total). Subsequently, another blu-ray disc came out for the stage event and picture drama “Kiseki no Tanjoubi/The Miraculous Birthday” which bundled a separate omake flash special (2.33 min in duration). Now the original picture drama got subbed but, as far as I could find, nobody ever subbed the omake flash that came with it even though high quality raws have been available for years.

    Is there any hope in requesting this group to release it? Or had you released it back then but it is now removed like all the other releases and I just missed that window?


    1. We didn’t do the subs for those, we used Bandai’s subs from the US DVDs, as we don’t have translators on our staff, so we would have no way of subbing anything that doesn’t already include subs. Even if we did, it wouldn’t be eligible for release since Funimation has the license for Geass now.

  10. At last digimon had been uploded!

    But i have a questio. Digimon adventure movie was 20 minute and 1.2gb. And digimon adventure episode 1 is 20 minute and lesser than 800mb.

    I wonder why these two files size is quite a lot different! (Even these two files length is same!)

  11. At last digimon had been uploded!

    But i have a question. Digimon adventure movie was 20 minute and 1.2gb. And digimon adventure episode 1 is 20 minute and lesser than 800mb.

    I wonder why these two files size is quite a lot different! (Even these two files length is same)

  12. Oh I confused digimon movie size. It was 1.76 gb! Size difference is almost two times bigger than episode 1. I am curious about it.

  13. Thank you for all your work that you’ve done putting the shows on line. I have an issue with my current media player I am not able to access subtitles that are encoded in gundam zeta I’m using Windows media player I’m not sure if I should be using another one to access the subtitles. I am able to watch the Japanese language track but there’s no such subtitles in English is this an issue with Windows media player?

    1. Windows Media Player can have issues talking to most subtitle renderers without messing around with a bunch of stuff. I’d suggest using something like MPC-HC or VLC for playback as you’ll get superior results that way. I personally use MPC-HC, so everything we release is tested in that.

    1. Within the next 2 weeks. I have the next 2 Friday nights “off” from my usual plans, so I’m intending to finish the batches for 0079 and Endless Waltz on those nights.

  14. Hey there, I just discovered what you guys are doing here, and I first of all want to say thank you. It’s amazing to have these hybrid versions that don’t even exist on disc, so thanks very much for that! My question is if there are any recommended settings for VLC? I read through the playback help guide, but that’s tailored for a different program. I’ve tried two different series so far, and they both work perfectly fine, but if there are some options to make them look even better, then I’d like to take advantage of them.



    1. VLC is pretty much “set it and forget it” in a sense, in as much as you don’t really need to do anything with it. If it already works and the subs/signs work, you are good to go. It used to be that VLC lacked support for certain things but it hasn’t been an issue in years. I still personally prefer MPC-HC, but it’s really down to personal preference. VLC certainly isn’t a bad choice as some would have you believe.

  15. This is sort of a random question but I figured that since you encode so many Gundam series you might now the answer. If I wanted to start watching the Gundam shows where should I start? Should I start with the very first series from 1979 or a more modern one? I’ve always been interested in the series but there is so many shows that I have no idea where to start and where to go from there. Thank you.



    1. That is a fairly loaded question because you’ll often get a different answer depending on which fan you talk to. The way I see it, you have 3 choices.


      1. Start with Gundam Wing. This is basically the “Toonami of 2000″ option, because it’s the one a lot of US fans started with. It also stars you with one of the “alternate universe” Gundam shows rather than the Universal Century shows. From here, you can move on to other AU shows like Gundam 00, G Gundam, or keep the Toonami theme going and move to the original series. I don’t recommend that though because the shift in tone was what tanked Gundam harshly here.


      2. Start with the Mobile Suit Gundam movie trilogy. This is the abridged version of the original show, and also the version of events that generally get treated as canon in future works. This would be your gateway to the Universal Century timeline, which includes 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ, Char’s Counterattack, Unicorn, F91, and Victory. Offshoots from there would be Turn A and G-Reco.


      3. Start with Gundam SEED. SEED is a semi-remake of the original but brought more in line with more modern Gundam shows by having more than one Gundam and the story takes a different direction in the 2nd half. This is followed up by Gundam SEED Destiny, a mediocre but not terrible sequel.


      I’d probably suggest Options 1 or 3, and lean toward 1 more than 3. Once you have a feel for the franchise, you can pop into the UC timeline and have a better idea what to expect. The biggest difference is that UC tends to be a bit more “realistic” for lack of a better term. If you do try options 1 or 3, and they don’t do it for you, don’t entirely discount Option 2.

  16. Hello. i was wondering if you planned to keep seeding the older reconguista episodes as they seem to be totally dead in terms of seeds. either way, thank you as always for the awesome releases!

    1. They should all be seeding unless I forgot to reupload them to the seedbox, which is a good possibility. If I did, then yes, I’ll be reseeding them as soon as I can get them reuploaded to the box.

  17. Hi, Just curious if you would be encoding the Victory Gundam series when it comes out on Blu-ray later in year. Love your work.

    1. Probably not. I generally only do stuff with official subs, and Victory doesn’t have any official subs right now. I’ll probably try and get my hands on the discs for future use if necessary and subs are made available, but it’s not high on my list.

  18. There are 0 seeders for Endless Waltz Special Edition [1080p]. That’s weird for a popular torrent that has over 17,000 downloads. In fact, only the 720p version has a single seeder.


    You don’t have to consider this a seed request, just an observation. I already have the 720p and was just considering replacing it with 1080. I wouldn’t be able to seed much afterward anyway, since my bandwidth is severely limited (particularly uploads), so don’t worry about it if I’m the only one to mention it.

    1. I’ll look at reseeding it, but either a new encode or the original (I haven’t decided which) will be in the Endless Waltz batch when I release it.

      1. I didn’t know a batch was coming. Just wait then, as I’m going to want a batch with the OVAs as well.


        Since I’m already here talking to you, I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time now, but I’ve been out of the anime scene for a while. Apparently you were gone for a bit? Anyway, I’m glad things are back on track. You have my undying respect and gratitude.

        1. Yeah, a batch will probably be out in July as this month is really hectic for me so it’s hard to work on anything but new releases right now.


          We’ve had a few down periods, one when I got pretty fed up with things and quit releasing for about a year, and another window for about the last 4 months of 2014 after we got hit by a bunch of DMCA strikes and the site was taken down. I’m glad you enjoy our stuff. It’s not as frequently released as it used to be, but I think quality over quantity is better.

  19. Hi, could someone reseed the Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy FLAC Pack?
    Everyone is stuck at 98%
    I’ll keep seeding this after it’s completed

  20. I know its been a few years since you released blu ray rips of the Big O, but I want to say thanks. These days it’s so hard to find reasonably priced DVDs for Big O. Your torrents really help and now, I can watch the show anywhere, anytime. I hope you have a great day.

    1. Hopefully Sentai will manage to get Big O released sometime this year or early next year based on their comments at AX, but in the meantime, I’m glad you enjoy them. I only wish I could still distro the encodes but the DMCA takedowns made that impossible.

      1. I actually found the encodes for the 1080p rip of Big O on I downloaded about 28 gigabytes of content last month. I’m not sure who uploaded the torrent, but it’s been on Bakabt for the past 3 years now. I used Vuze to download everything and it worked for me.

        That’s great! I read that Sentai bought the rights back to Big O in 2013. I’ll keep an eye on anything new. Thank you.

        1. Officially, I can neither confirm nor deny where to get it since I pulled it, but yeah, there are places to still get it. Nothing ever truly disappears from the internet.

  21. Even though you took down the 0079 TV batch, do you think you will still do dubbed versions of the remaining movies? Your work on the first one was amazing. If not then would you at least be willing to provide downloads of the stereo audio rip for any and all interested parties to edit and remux? EG’s dub track is just so terrible and there’s no other alternatives right now. We can’t just let rare, high quality components go to waste, right? 🙂

    1. Funny that you ask about that. I’m working on the recut of the 2nd movie now thanks to a new method of managing the recurs that is making things much easier for me. The movies, especially the dub, aren’t subject to the pulling that the series got since the movies are a separate license, and I doubt the dub would be re-released now anyway. So we’ll do the other two movies for sure.

  22. I’m actually in the middle of watching G-Reco, and I had no idea was working on BD rips for this, haha. fml. I’m happy you guys took the time to work on it though. Even though it has its problems, it had a lot of interesting elements and mech designs. I just finished episode 21, the last one you released, lol.


    Keep up the great work! Just read that guys are considering Eva, even? That would be really cool to get updated rips for that show.

    1. Considering Eva for sure, but it will really depend on financials at this point. I’m going to be putting up a donation drive in the next few weeks to see if we can get the money together to make it happen.

    1. It’s not off the table, it’s just not high on my priority list. I’m kind of hoping RightStuf will announce them with the dub added, but if they don’t, then I’d be inclined to continue them. But to be clear, they are not dropped, just stalled out for now.

  23. i’m just asking, when i watched gundam wing the credits are in english so that mean that you using R1 Blu-Ray ?

    Another one, are you going to do Gundam Unicorn too?

    1. No, I re-create the credits myself. Our DVD encodes use soft-subbed credits but on BD encodes, I find the credits to lag the renderer (or at least, they did several years ago. It’s probably not an issue on newer machines), so we hardsub them into the video. I like having translated credits, so I like to duplicate them whenever possible. You’ll know if there’s an R1 BD for a show because we no longer support it, like the Mobile Suit Gundam BDs which are coming in a couple months. That’s also why we won’t do Unicorn, because there are BDs with dub and sub.

  24. Just wondering, would it be possible to get an encode of ZZ because I see it as kinda big hole with all of your other uploads. love the work you have put into these series.

    1. It won’t. It has been pulled because RightStuf and Anime Limited are both releasing G-Reco BDs in 2016. The only thing that will be released now will be a supplemental batch with various bonus material that we won’t likely get, but that batch won’t release until I can get the books scanned.

  25. Whatever happend to the Gundam Reconguista torrents on nyaa? did you remove all the eps? and there is no batch yet even though you guys are finished? Sorry I’m just confused

    1. When the moon is in the 3rd house of Xanthar, and Thyleh’s Comet completes the 19th transit of the Craylor Nebula.

      Alternately: When I feel like it.

      Alternately to that: When I am not busy dealing with family business that is taking up all my free time.

      Pick whichever explanation you prefer.

    2. Someone actually has ripped and uploaded the entire Digimon Adventure series onto Blu-Ray rips and everything.

  26. First of all I’d like you to congratulate you guys for the high quality episodes. Nice work! I’ve downloaded most of it, but it occurred to me that you haven’t posted in a longe time… Is the Digimon Adventure project still going?


    1. It is still going. It was delayed due to some family issues on my end that have thankfully been completely resolved as of today. So I can finally shift back into focusing on my normal life, including working on Digimon.

  27. If you don’t mind me asking is what is your processes when ripping and subtitlin? I have the Eva BD and wanted to add subtitles but I can’t seem to cut the episodes right and get the subtitles to match no matter what I do.

    1. Quick version: I rip the DVD VOB with SmartRipper, convert the subs using SubRip, and then edit and retime in Aegisub. Usually the retiming is done in bulk since the timing syncs up pretty closely.

  28. @OZC:

    We’re probably past the point of caring, but what are your prospects for the Neon Genesis Evangelion BD-Box? I remember your saying a while back that you haven’t determined whether you’d take on the project, despite your desire to, and that you had an issue with your family, which fortunately–for your sake of course–was resolved. I wonder whether you have made a decision: will you take on the project? Will you do only parts of it (i.e. EoE, Death [True,] Rebirth, etc.)? Have you decided to scrap it altogether and recommend that everyone just move on? Or is it still just an issue of money?

    My apologies. I know I may be a bit eager–and probably a bit too presumptuous–but I’ve become rather anxious awaiting your decision. (No worries, regardless of the decision you make, I won’t “trollishly” press on once it’s made.)

    1. Money-wise, it’s a non-issue since BDISOs were uploaded not long after the set was released. I’ve done some test encodes, and I think it’s likely that I’ll take it on once I get a bit of the backlog worked down first. I need to finish GBF, 0083, and make some progress on Digimon and SEED but once I’ve knocked some of that stuff down, I can look at it more seriously.


      It’s basically at the point where I’m not concerned with doing it in a hurry since there are other encodes out there of it, so I expect the people who just had to have it in HD no matter what have it anyway, so it hasn’t been a completely top priority but I’d still enjoy working on it. Of course, if and when I do encode it, I’ll do anything and everything I reasonably can (so probably the series, Death and Rebirth in whatever the hell cut the US disc has, and EoE)

  29. @OZC:

    Hi I always love your downloads and check back often at any updates. You have the first two Gundam films, just wondering if you plan to do the third and final one? Thanks James

    1. The dub version will be released as soon as I finish recutting it. It will probably be another couple of months before I finish that.

  30. Love the quality of your releases and generally prefer your releases over others, but I have found something that has slipped thru the cracks during your subtitling process… some subtitles in the intro of sub track 2 (intro and characters) for Gundam Wing E14 (1080p) are MASSIVE and take up 70% of screen height.


    Just letting ya know if you wanted to go back and release a v2 of that…

      1. Yeah, don’t know what happened there but since the batch is already out, I won’t be reissuing the batch to fix that since it’s the only major error I know of remaining in the batch. I could make a patch at some point, but I’d need to pull my work files off my archive drives and they are currently difficult to access.

      1. Thanks for the Reply OZC! I’m looking forward to you being tempted to encode it. Haha!
        Seriously, thanks for the reply.

  31. Hello. I had some series requests. Could you subtitle the Japanese versions of the 1965, 1966, and 1989 series of Jungle Emperor? (Known in the US as Kimba the White Lion, Leo the Lion, and The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion.) as well as looking into subtitling some of the Zoids series? The Jungle Emperor series’ don’t have any fansubs. Zoids did have some but the group quit and they didn’t even finish.

      1. Hello,


        I’ve read online that tekkaman and tekkaman blade are remastered in bluray. Any chance of you subbing these? Childhood memories:D

  32. Any chance you could reseed or upload a few FLAC packs to MEGA(or any other DDL site)? I would like to request 3 FLAC packs:



    3. RAHXEPHON FLAC PACK – I think you deleted this one, but I noticed that the series is still available on Bakabt. So i think there shouldn’t be an issue with regards to DMCA/etc.


    MEGA would be the best because I think the files will last longer. Getting all 3 would be nice, but I am more interested in the first two.

    1. I’ll have to dig up the first two, so I’ll probably just seed them when I find them since I don’t really want to have to manage more Mega accounts (my toku site has me juggling a whole bunch and I’m losing track of them pretty regularly). I know I don’t have the Rahxephon one anymore. The torrent for it shouldn’t be there as I could have sworn I deleted that rather than just hid it.

        1. The “toku site” refers to our sister site, OZC-Live, where we do live action tokusatsu encoding. Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, that kind of thing.

          1. I’m still looking for them but haven’t found them yet. As for the others, I am fairly sure I don’t have the 00 FLAC anymore, but I’ll look for the other two. I think I know where the Miller’s Report one is.

          2. Not as of yet. I’m checking with some friends that might have the files but if they don’t, I’d probably have to re-rip the FLAC and while I don’t mind doing that, I have to find the time.

            As for 08th MS, no, it’s still up. It just never was reposted on this site after the relaunch, but it is still up on the torrent tracker.

  33. Is there any timeframe on when Gundam SEED HD Remaster will be continued? And will you be doing SEED Destiny HD Remaster?

    1. SEED basically comes out when I have time to sit down and work on the cuts and such. At the moment, my main focus is to get 0083 and Digimon Adventure finished, then I can focus solely on SEED as I’m unlikely to start any new projects once those two shows are done.

  34. I might have missed this in the sea of comments, but are there any plans for a batch release of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Blu-Ray” release that you did?  Also, thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into these incredible releases.  They are hugely appreciated!

    1. Nope, that release was pulled since US BDs were announced. I’m probably going to re-release certain things from it, like Cucuruz Doan’s Island since it was not included in the US release.

      1. There are still links to all of the individual episodes in your Torrent + Checksum Archive…is that a different release?

  35. Hi again,


    Will You do MSG: War In The Pocket? Or do u know possible BD rls as 0083 got?

    Second question: do u plan other Gundam (like re 0096) series or know possible rlses of them as 0083 got?


    1. 0080 doesn’t have a BD yet, and one hasn’t been announced. I don’t have any plans to do Re:0096 since it already has a dub, so I expect that any BD release it might get will be dual-audio and released here and in Japan at the same time. Right now, only G has a scheduled BD release, coming later this year.

      1. Gotta then wait for BD of 0080 coz they missed it, hey we got 0079 BD and 0083 !>.<

        By “G” You mean Mobile Fighter G Gundam or Reconguista in G?
        Thanks for the replay.

        1. Mobile Fighter. Reconguista is already on BD because we released it last year before it was pulled in anticipation of the US BD release.

          1. Great stuff !! Thanks for the info.

            Btw. did u sub Zeta Gundam ; ZZ Gundam by any chance or plan to? ( saw BD of them so it exist).

            btw. plz seed gundam trilogy coz its like 2KB/s

            ps. will donate for sure! and nice for You have ( IT guys are well paid so shame that I finished wrong studies-international business ^^).

          2. We did Zeta but that release has been pulled as there are BDs in the US, and we didn’t do ZZ and won’t be doing them since there are US BDs for that as well. As for the Gundam Trilogy, I’m pretty sure it’s on the seedbox and seeding but I’ll make sure it isn’t throttled.

            As for IT guys getting paid well, heh. Heh heh heh. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, no. I mean, sure, some do, but not me. I get paid OK, but not great.

  36. Dunno, left it for few hours yet still was 4KB/s or even 2..

    Thanks for the replay, good to know that u did Zeta will look for some screenshots of your rls and check BD original quality disks if possible.

    Keep it up!

    ps. didnt u think bout re-branding or moving to other country then? and yeah I still think that mine 510usd is small amount compared to IT sallary heh.

    1. Zeta was one of our oldest releases that we encoded ourselves so it’s.. not great. The US BDs are far superior. As for the trilogy seeds, I checked it and it’s not throttled on the seedbox.


      As for moving, nope, it’s really not an option for me.

      1. Zeta rls of Yours wasn’t half bad:) quick question. Could U write which series did u rls (even those pulled out). I’m curious and been asking 1 series after another^^.

        What about Double Zeta then? Was it done?

          1. Thank U. So U didnt encode ZZ..


            Quick question..after hours or reading would love to be enlighten. I’m very confused and want to know all the stuff (it kinda helps me with depression of mine..):


            1.We got new BD 2015/2016 od 0079 series -WERE YOUR PULLED BDS SAME QUALITY (like HD remaster) OR SOMEWHAT CLOSE TO IT?

            2.0083 stardust is the latest that’s fine -no issues here on my watch.

            3.Seed HD remaster done 10 eps by U and its uberb quality (waiting for more?) & Seed destiny HD Remaster how bout LunaMaria or TenB version? (bakabt)-got slow internet so I wonder if u could take a look on their web and compare, thanks.

            4.Gundam 00 the best version is from 2009 or 2013 (I’m confused if it got BD re-rls or HD treatment as Seed). Any plans for new version to be rlsed?

            4.5. Gundam 00 movie awaking -do u plan it?

            5. ZZ Gundam is from 2016 (so how much it differ from EG rls 720p dunno -no screenshots or so,help? did a compare with 2 old versions NUMBER 1 is mixed tho;/)

            6.Z Gundam is also new like 2015/16 (how much better from 2010version 0ZC 1080p & EG 720p dunno coz official site do not give us a video or screens -any comment here plz)

            7. Zeta Gundam 3 movies (new translation etc. are there new rlses or only his redone from 2005)? and do U plan them?

            8. F91 (are OZC 2011 re-rls BDs better than 2014 EG )? Didn’t see new US BD of this tho. Any plans for new version to come?

            9. Victory Gundam found this only didnt see original US rls or Yours and Japanese rls was back in 2015 and ANOTHER is on its way (they didnt cancel it right?) will u encode coz it seems that quality SMASH here compare to old rls -any comment? Will U do 16 version and how it differs from 2015 one? WELP HELP.

            10. Turn A: Kagura raws 100gb vs EG 1080p 70GB from bakabt -no difference here right? any plans for new version?

            11. Char conterattack -what do U think bout upcoming rls -will it be far superior than older rls like Yours or Kagura

            12. Wing: U did 2013 remastered and 2014 BD 1080p -what is the difference is 2014 better? also any plans for new version?

            13. What is the difference btwn. 0096 and RE version?

            14. 0080 wip any better than this planned to BD/HD rls or done by u in the past?

            15. 8ms team: no argue here yet I woner if it is planned to rls again?

            16. Igloo -u did it BD 1080p back in 2012 right? this is fine and dunno if there will redo it coz of animation effect used.

            17. Endless Waltz -as far as u did the movie and no future planned HD or BD right? How bout 3 OVAS of it?????? (found 2014 EG or so dunno bout US BD in this year or sth or stay with these?

            18. Will You do Z Gundam if it comes out this year?

            19. 0073 Stargazer 2006 -is it the latest or are there better versions? found or and dunno which is superior or do they plan any rls

            20. Is there any JP or US Gundam age BD 1080p? Found only 720p TV ( so no BD:()

            21. Gundam X -saw only old dvds 13gb from

            22. Gundam Origin encode?

            23. Gundam Thunderbolt encode?

            24. Gundam G-saviour encode?


            I’m fully aware of a precious time of Yours, yet gladly answers are to be seen, please.

          2. Wow… that’s a lot of questions… let’s see here..
            1. My 0079 encodes used the Japanese BD box. The US BDs are roughly the same quality, give or take a little extra compression. Not enough to make a major difference.
            2. This isn’t a question so…
            3. I can’t comment on the quality of their encodes as I’ve never watched them. Mine aren’t intended to compete with them directly, mine are designed as a recut to properly sync the dub without cutting the audio.
            4. I’ve only ever released 00 once, that was one of our earliest releases. There’s a lot I would do differently now, including encoding the raws myself, but I have no plans to revisit them at this time.
            5. The ZZ BDs we just got here in the US are the same masters as the Japanese ones. They are pretty much identical in all ways that matter.
            6. Same as #5, Zeta’s BDs are the same masters. The only change here is that the original OP/ED themes are replaces with tracks from the OST as the original songs are not licensed outside of Japan. My encode restored the original OP/ED themes. That’s the only real difference. My encode of Zeta is also inferior to the BDs in nearly every way other than the OP/ED music.
            7. I have considered doing the Zeta movies but I have no concrete plans at this time.
            8. I can’t comment on EG’s version as I never compared it. I won’t be redoing F91 since it’s likely that it will be released on BD in the US later this year or early next year.
            9. I have no plans to do a V Gundam encode until we know if there will be a US version. If it comes out late this year, it might have been enough time for us to get it on BD. If we don’t, I might encode it using the official subs when we get it on DVD.
            10. I haven’t looked at any of the BD encodes of Turn A so I can’t comment on them. I am not planning to do my own encode of it at this time.
            11. The CCA BD is reported to be the same master as the Japanese BD. The only thing mine might be superior in regards to is the frame size, as the Japanese BD was about 900p, while I upscaled mine from 900p to 1080p.
            12. Wing 2013 was a DVD encode, which was a from-scratch redo of my original 2009 release. The 2014 release was the BD encode, which adapted the work done on the DVDs but in HD. I will not be touching the Wing series again short of Sunrise doing a 4K remaster (unlikely), so in realistic terms, I’m done with Wing.
            13. Re:0096 is a TV edit of the OVA of Unicorn. It adds OP/ED sequences and new narration and previews for the next episode. It’s the same story.
            14. There is no HD master for 0080, and the DVDs never got remastered. So any encodes out there are all from the same master source which means it’s all down to the encoding quality. If they ever release a BD, I might do it.
            15. No need to re-release as it’s already done and I’m satisfied with it.
            16. I’ve considered redoing IGLOO but I’m waiting to see if we might get it on BD in the US, so no plans at this time.
            17. I encoded the 3 episode OVA version a while back. They are still online. I considered redoing the movie but didn’t go forward with it. At this time, Endless Waltz is done other than when I get around to doing a batch.
            18. No. We pulled Zeta for a reason. We don’t encode shows because we believe in free anime. We encode shows because we believe in HD versions of shows that aren’t available in HD. If it is available in HD in the US, where we are based, we see no reason to continue to release a show. Yes, this “punishes” the rest of the world, but unless the rest of the world is going to pay our legal fees, I have to care about licensing in the US only. And considering I still pay for the seedbox out of my own pocket most of the time, I’d imagine no one is gonna help me with legal fees.
            19. I might do Stargazer someday but no plans at this time.
            20. I have encodes of AGE completed. I simply need to find time to convert the subs and release them. We’ll probably do it later this year.
            21. Gundam X only has DVD versions and was never remastered, so the masters are kind of crap. RightStuf released the series on DVD recently, so that’s the release we recommend. If BDs are ever released, we will enode them because X is my favorite Gundam series.
            22. No need, the BDs have the dub and subs included. Support the industry and buy the BDs from RightStuf or Amazon Japan, as they are all-region.
            23. Same as #22, the BD will have dub and subs. Buy it from RightStuf or Amazon Japan.
            24. We encoded G-Saviour as a joke about 6 years ago. It was a quick and crappy encode. I could re-do it but I have no plans to. It will likely never be released on BD because Sunrise mostly disowns the existence of the movie and it was shot by a TV studio in 1999/2000, so the CGI was almost certainly mastered in SD.
            Whew. That about covers it.

    1. I’ll see if I can get that seeded for you soon. Regarding DDL mirrors, I have no problem with them, and I can’t stop anyone from reposting stuff even if I wanted to. I just don’t have time to deal with the DDLs myself like I do with the OZC-Live releases.

    1. The post for it is no longer on the site because it had originally been posted on the old site and I didn’t want to spent the time it was going to take to recreate all the lost posts. It is in the torrent and checksum archive found in the navbar though (I’d link it but I’m on my phone.)

        1. The batches have been seeding as often as I can, at least from my personal machine because I made sure at least one system was seeding it. However, I’ve needed the bandwidth for other torrents as of about 2 days ago. So download the batch and I’ll seed it when I can.

          1. Hello I was wondering if I can get the Gundam Wing Blu Ray Box episodes in 1080p from you? I really love your quality.

  37. Is there anyway for you to put the Gundam Wing Blu Ray Box episodes in 1080p up in MEGA? Would you consider putting it up in MEGA. Please

    1. Not recently because I’ve been busy with other work, but now that Gundam 0083 is done and Digimon is close to being done, I can go back to working on SEED.

  38. I don’t want to sound rude but I was wonderin if you can upload the subtitles for stardust memories? I understand if you don’t want to.

  39. Hey pal…


    Could you please try to encode Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks @1080p


    There are no decent 8 bit release out there..


    Your work will really be appreciated 🙂

    1. Probably not. Aniplex of America released it on BD here and while I think as a company, AoA are some of the worst crooks around, they did release it on BD so there’s no need for me to do it.

      1. I appologize but I just don’t get what you are trying to day(literally)..


        From what I know they make an expensive releases..Last I checked 3-4 months back it was 500-600 $  import on BD,just for JAP dub


        BTW not all the anime folks are in America,


        If you could encode it…. the 8 bit community would thank you a lot 🙂

        1. Yes, Aniplex makes expensive releases. That’s part of why I don’t like them. They charge far too much compared to other companies for the same kinds of products. And I am well aware of the fact that not everyone is in America.


          However, as I have explained to plenty of people in the past, foreign laws don’t apply to me either. I’m lucky to operate in a grey area for most releases because there is no US counterpart. Once there is a release available in America, my release would be taking sales away from that, which makes me a target if Aniplex, Funimation, or whoever else wanted to prosecute me.


          So, unfortunately, my decisions will remain based on product availability in the US. Is it unfortunate for downloaders outside the US? Of course. But that’s the way it is.

          1. Aww…Well thanks for making the issue clearer.


            Can you give a try to Clannad?I beleive it isn’t in license anymore.

          2. According to what I can find, it’s licensed by Sentai Filmworks still, and seeing as they were the driving force that got our site closed when we were on Blogger, I tend to shy away from their shows now too. But I’ll do some research into it. No promises on anything of course.

    1. Yep, I want to get back to them soon. The need to re-encode a bunch again derailed my plans and then I’ve been super busy with work projects since then, but hopefully in a week or two, I can get back to them. I might aim to do another daily run at them in August.

      1. Thanks for responding! Your releases have been super helpful to me, and you’re doing a GREAT service getting them out there! I hope I didn’t seem to rush you, take all the time you need~!

  40. I was wondering if I could get your Overman King Gainer BD releases through IRC? All the other torrents other than the ones in AB are fairly dead.

    1. We don’t have any IRC bots and King Gainer is a pulled release anyway because of the DMCA wave that Sentai Filmworks hit us with a couple years ago, so we no longer distribute it.

  41. First off, thank you very much for all your hard work. I know that you are very busy with other things in your life but I was wondering what the estimated time frame for the release of the second part for Digimon Adventure tri would be? Again, thank you for your time. 🙂

    1. At the moment, there is no timeframe since Part1 is getting a dub. Once we know how they’ll release that (mostly if it’ll be a dual-audio release or not), then I’ll make a judgement call as to what we’ll do for Part 2.

  42. Hi there, its been a while. Donate is so fun! emm anyway will u do Mobile Fighter G Gundam 石破天驚 HD Remastered Blu-ray Box Sets and Victory Gundam (new bd will be out). Hope u’re doing fine.

    ps. any chance for Digimon batch?


    1. I’ll be trying to get back to it soon. I won’t leave a show unfinished if I can help it. I just have been doing a bunch of contract work recently so I haven’t had time to work on anything here.

  43. Will u do Mobile Fighter G Gundam 石破天驚 HD Remastered Blu-ray Box Sets and Turn A Gundam (new bd will be out). Hope u’re doing fine.

    1. I might do G Gundam. I’ve been doing some test encodes and considering it. I won’t be doing Turn A because RightStuf is releasing it on BD in the US in 2017 and doing an upgrade program for the DVD owners so I have no need to encode it at this point.

  44. Hello, I was wanting to say thank you for all your work with both the gundam and Digimon series.

    I was also wondering if at any point your were/are considering doing Digimon Adventure 02? I’d love to see it, but would understand if it’s not on the board/a priority.

    1. We will very likely do it, but I need to finish Adventure first. I’m hoping to enlist some help for 02 to do QC work because I can crank it out faster if I have someone more familiar with the franchise watching the episodes before release to make sure everything looks ok.

  45. Hello! Is there a page that shows status updates of each project?  Other than twitter that is.  I’m interested in seeing the works behind digimon.  Great work on subbing guys!

    1. Other than the progress meter on the left, no. I don’t generally announce where things are at on my end outside of general target goals. I’m hoping to get back to Digimon and finish it off in November.

      1. Thanks so much!  I spent some time reading all your responses and man, props in providing timely answers (even though lots get repeated over and over again).  :3

  46. Hello. Is there any chance to see working “Completed Series” page in the near future? And would this page list every single one you worked on, including dropped or licensed ones?

    1. It hasn’t been much of a priority but maybe if I have time in the next few weeks, I’ll get it back online. I hadn’t planned to have it include shows that were licensed and removed, but it might be a good idea the more I think about it.

      1. I think it sounds like a great idea!  it might save you a lot of time from answering questions that have already been asked in the past, ya know?  time savers are always huge in my day.


        love your work and your site!  keep up the good work man!  😉

  47. Thanks OZC. Finger crossed for G Gundam then.

    Sadly, they rls BD of Turn A -but is this same BD as Japanese version or improved?

    Same question for F91 -they gonna do BD’s as well.

  48. I know G-Gundam is supposed to have Blu Ray rips. Have you guys considered making a release with the English and Japanese audio tracks if it doesn’t get licensed? Thanks in advance.

    1. At this point, RightStuf is bringing enough Gundam over that it’s a matter of when rather than if for stuff like G. We might not get it until late next year or early 2018, but I firmly believe we’ll get it eventually, so at this point, I have no plans to start any new Gundam releases for the foreseeable future unless there’s something I don’t expect them to be able to do. Basically, that leaves the 0079 Movie 3 English dub and going back to work on Seed.

  49. If it is ok with you i would be very grateful if you could seed the 1080p batch torrents for Sd Gundam Sangokuden but i understand if you can’t do so due to either being busy with other stuff or life in general or due to the issue with people downloading a torrent and not seeding it as long as one should(when they do a smash and grab as you put it somewhere above this)

    If it ends up you not being able to seed i would atleast like to say i appreciate the service you are providing, which is good way to get to see the content in a higher quality until it is more readily available to purchase in the west.

    1. Yeah, no plans for it right now. Too much on my plate with work obligations. Hell, the only reason OZC-Live is getting any releases right now is they take 1/4th the time it takes me to do anime stuff usually.

  50. Hi, I downloaded a new series of Gundam-san
    could you help to give them subtitle?

    I will provide you the files from google drive

  51. Hey, i’m looking for your guys release of Black Lagoon including the Second Barage torrent. BakaBT seemed to be the only source legitimately hosting your torrent and I can’t find a magnet link for it anywhere. I’ve scummed searched Google as much as I could and got no could results back except a HVEC torrent claiming that it was hosting your subs or some part of your content.

    If you could please put it up on Nyaa or send me the link directly, I would GREATLY appreciate it and seed for others.


    One more question before I go, you said you guys don’t translate yourselves. Who does the translations/subs then or are they ‘borrowed’ and reworked for BD content?




    1. Our Black Lagoon release was pulled years ago as the series was rescued by Funimation and has since gotten a US BD release, so we won’t be redistributing it again as a result. Regarding our translations, we usually use official subs from pre-existing US DVD releases.

  52. Hello there OZC team. I’m sorry if it’s somehow a bother. Can you provide a download link to the .ASS subtitle file for Turn A Gundam Movie 1&2? I had raw file but I don’t wanna download it again only for the sub because my Internet is metered by quota. It’s such a waste of a money because I can use those gigabyte quota for other purpose.

  53. Just curious what your thoughts are on the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig NA bluray releases. I’ve read mostly negative reviews on Amazon. I don’t have either as I have the Korean special editions(unopened btw) and your encodes.

    1. They’re hot garbage. My encodes were far from perfect, and realistically, there is still no properly “complete” release since the Korean sets have no signs track and lossy dub audio, but the Korean sets are the best option now. The US releases fucked up the audio in several instances and the subs are closed captions and not proper subs, so they are awful for anyone who wants to watch it subbed. Since this is one of those shows where both the subs and dub are great options, you’re screwed either way. I suggest people grab the Korean BDs from KimchiDVD.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Your encodes might not be perfect in your eyes but they are pretty terrific. Thank you for the work that you have done. Because of you, I have enjoyed a lot of different titles and thusly bought the blurays when they have become available in Canada.

  54. I Know this has been asked so many time before but these are the best subs of Digimon I’ve seen bar maybe the final release on netflix which were pretty good shame they pulled it.

    Do you know when the next set of episodes maybe uploaded at all?

    You do great work and really looking forward to Zero 2 and the rest of the Digimon series’s  to be done.

      1. Thanks. I really enjoyed watching this is HD. I am relieved that you’re still working on it. I almost thought I was cursed since I started downloading it since the 21th June of last year. See what I mean ^^’

        Wouldn’t be the first time I download something being published for it to stop soon after.


        Thanks again.

  55. I really wish you would quit it with this Super Sentai knock off stuff. No one downloads or watches it. Just look at the torrents stats lol

    They’re garbage shows and considered a joke at this point in culture.

    Just thought you should know the reality of the situation.

    Your Cowboy Bebop encodes are the best of all time. You should do a OZC 1080p release of Outlaw Star since it’s been released in HD and you’re last release of it was in 480p.

    1. Funny, I’m not sure how you can accurately judge the torrent stats when 3.5 years worth of download stats died with Nyaa. Not to mention, I don’t really give two shits what your opinion of toku is. I enjoy it, and frankly, the community is a lot more positive and friendly than the generally toxic anime community.


      Let me tell you the actual reality of the situation: I’ll work on what I like, when I like, and there’s not a single person that’s gonna stop me. I don’t care if I get one download or 100k downloads. If I want to watch something and it means I have to encode it and adapt the subs, I’ll do it. The Digimon fans want to know why I still haven’t gotten back to working on that release? They need look no further than comments like these.


      You want Outlaw Star? It’s available on BD in Japan, the US, and the UK. I’ve purchased it twice over already. If I can do it, so can you.

  56. Hey man, any idea on if you would ever take a swing at the Big O blu rays that got released? I have your old release and it’s a beauty just wondering if you’ve had a look and seen if it’s worth while encoding, cheers!

    1. Nope, won’t ever happen. The US BDs use identical masters to the JP ones, so there’s no point. While I still prefer the original OP theme over the new one, Sendai did an excellent job on the US BDs and so there’s no need for me to encode them. Plus, I’m just about retired from anime encoding. Once I finish Digimon at some point and eventually finish the 3rd 0079 movie, I’m calling it quits. If RightStuf doesn’t do the dub for SEED, then I’ll come back and resume that project too.

      1. In that case I genuinely thank you for all you’ve done, you’ve been a reliable source for many years and will be missed!

  57. Is ozc-anime dead? Really hoping for more of your release of Gundam SEED HD Remaster (and SEED Destiny??).  Noticing that there hasn’t been any anime release from you since this time last year.

    1. Dead, no. On life support? Pretty much. At this point, I’ve had too many DMCA takedowns for Gundam material from RightStuf to make anything but a handful of releases viable to continue offering at some point. The SEED Project is on long-term hold until I figure out just what Nozomi is going to do with it. If they manage to adapt the dub or redub the series with the old cast against the HD masters, then I’m unlikely to continue it. If they don’t adapt the dub or do a new dub with a new cast, then I’ll resume the project at that point. The last 0079 dub cut will eventually be released, but quietly, because I got a DMCA takedown against those movies as well, but I’ll be damned if Sunrise is gonna push that dub under the rug. Digimon will eventually be completed, but only when time permits, and as I’m working multiple jobs now, time doesn’t permit it much.

      1. I wonder what U do for living now with those multiple works. We will wait for SEED, it’s worth:>

        Still Wing ultra-box & G-Gundam is on a way -any plans? I doubt that I’ll be able to buy it (money and region issue) huh.

        Still Rightstuff do not give us OP & ED in every rls which sux.


    1. Not until it matures more and can encode faster, and even then, there’s very little left that I’m interested in encoding that’s not available on BD here.

    1. Nope. The SD-BD that Discotek just released is the best you’re gonna get for it until Toei remasters it in HD (lol, Toei doing proper 80s anime remasters)

  58. Hey ol’ buddy ol’ pal. Can you upload a Digimon batch for the first half? No one seems to be seeding most of them and Looking at the preview pics makes me sad. Reminds me of all the sick things that’s gonna happen in the episode before I watch it :^(

    1. I second this!  Didn’t even know you were taking a run at Adventure, and I’d love to get my hands on your encodes. Can’t find seeded torrents anywhere though, so a new upload of a batch or what-have-you would be soooo great!

  59. I nearly had a heart attack after (not quite correctly) reading one of your older posts that said you were “calling it quits”. (Then I went back and carefully re-read the entire thing, and was somewhat relieved.) It sounds like you are still planning to “finish Digimon”, but which seasons/series are you including under that blanket? Zero One, Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier, Tri, etc. (Personally, I’m hoping/praying that Tamers is on your list, and I understand that your passions are what they are.)

    Admittedly mostly hypothetically (but at least partly actually seriously), what sort of…shall we say, ‘sponsorship’ would be in order to help further your progress towards that eventual end result? I am generally a pretty tight-fisted individual, and I have my own monetary obligations, but in my eyes, this is a cause worthy enough to consider supporting.

    In any case, I appreciate the work you have already done, and I look forward to your reply.

    1. Digimon Adventure will get finished, that much is for certain. I’d like to also finish the 2nd movie at some point, but I have to improve my image stabilization plugin more before I can do that. Anything beyond that is entirely up in the air. I have access to Zero-Two, but at this point, about I’ll I’d likely do is encode the raws and have someone else work on the subs. It’s hard to do QC on a show you aren’t particularly interested in and do a solid job on it. Regarding a “sponsorship”, I can’t in good conscience accept payment to work on shows. The BDs themselves were bought thanks to a donor, and I owe it to them to finish this out. Even if I were open to such a thing, unfortunately, the lack of time due to my other work is a very limiting factor anyway, and so when I do have free time, I tend to spend it working on my tokusatsu encoding because that’s where my passion lies these days. Either way, Digimon WILL be finished unless the BDs get licensed for US release or I die in some kind of freak accident.

      1. I appreciate that you replied to my questions in such detail. In regards to Zero Two, are there any currently existing subs that you feel are respectable enough to use? I will admit to having only a basic grasp of Japanese (I took it for a year in college and I watch a lot of anime), but if having someone else to check spelling and grammar and ensure proper timings would reduce the load on you, then consider this my formal offer to volunteer my time for your cause. (It would be a rare and welcome use for my mastery of the English language and borderline-OCD attention to detail.) I certainly am particularly interested in these shows, and if given a little bit of guidance on what to learn, I believe I could do a solid job.

        Again, I appreciate what you are doing, and I look forward to your reply.

  60. I’m not sure whose subs were going to be used for Zero-Two, but if memory serves, we managed to capture the Netflix subs and had some fansubs as a second option, similar to what we did for Adventure.


    As for the offer to help, I appreciate it and very well might take you up on it. The biggest thing that slows down the work for the remaining episodes of Adventure is positioning the overlays for the “stat readout” shots that come up. What I’d suggest for now is grabbing a copy of Aegisub and playing around with it a bit to get a feel for how it works. You can load up one of my existing files to get the script and video/audio and just kind of look it over and see how it all works. I’m hoping to have my schedule free up at least a little in the next few weeks, so I’ll drop you an email soon and we’ll see about what we might be able to do.

    1. I’ve downloaded Aegisub and started reading the Help files. I miiiiight benefit from a little bit of hand-holding (just at first), but I’ll have it a go at it in the meantime.

      I suggest using email directly to conduct further conversations, as I am unlikely to check this page on a reliable basis. (This time and the previous were basically pure luck that I happened to refresh the page when I did.)

  61. Hi, thank you for you work on Digimon Adventure. Were there ever direct downloads for these, as it would seem a bulk of the individual files are not being seeded. Thanks for any response.

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