Gundam Build Fighters Batch 2 – Episodes 6-10

Batch 2 – Episodes 6-10

After winning the Japan 3rd Block Championship, Sei and Reiji move on to the World Championships. Having earned a vacation, they once again meet up with Mao, and afterwards, Sei helps China create her own Gunpla to enter in a girls-only Gunpla Battle tournament.


Meanwhile, around the world, top-level Gunpla Battle players Nils Neilsen and Aila Jyrkiainen win their respective regional tournaments and move on to the World Championships as well. As the tournament begins, Reiji meets Aila, both unaware that they’ll soon meet in battle…


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Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 14

Episode 14: Space and Mobile Suit Battles

As the situation intensifies, Raraiya identifies Towasanga’s army members and what their capabilities are. After a battle, the Megafauna manages to capture one of Towasanga’s troops and his mobile suit, holds him hostage, and asks him what lies inside Towasanga. 


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Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 13

Episode 13: Those Who Came From the Moon

The unknown forces that attacked the Amerian forces identify themselves as Towasanga. After learning this, the Capital Army and the Amerians decided to join forces to fight against the new threat. As the pilots return to the meeting, Klim Nick discovers the true ambitions of Towasanga’s force, to carry out their mission of a Reconguista…


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Digimon Adventure Episode 2

Episode 2: Explosive Evolution! Greymon

As the children plunge into the river, Gomamon summons a school of fish to catch them and whisk them to safety while Kuwagamon crashes into the water. The group are taken to shore and, after their Digimon partners reintroduce themselves in regard to their new forms, they attempt to determine their location and how to return home.

We’re back to releasing with a revised encode that should address the combing issues seen in the first episode (which has also been replaced with a v2) while still keeping the variable frame-rate encoding we wanted to use. This’ll be the final version for the video work, so any further v2 releases will simply be “bug’ fixes. As I mentioned in the updated Episode 1 post, we’ve revised Jyou/Joe’s name on the RyRo track to Jo, matching the new Romanization seen in the new Digimon tri trailer. Enjoy!


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Digimon Adventure Episode 1

Episode 1: Adrift? The Island of Adventure!

Mysterious climate changes occur around the world, including a blizzard that falls overnight at a summer camp in Japan. Seven children at the camp—Taichi, Sora, Yamato, Koushiro, Mimi, Takeru, and Joe—are each given an item that falls from an aurora in the sky, and are all swept off by a wave. Coming to in a strange place, Taichi finds himself with an equally strange creature that calls himself Koromon. In time, Taichi reunites with the others as they each have a strange companion of their own. After the creatures introduce themselves as Digimon and the place to be the Digital World, the children are reunited with Mimi as she and Tanemon are running from a Kuwagamon that attacked Taichi and Koushiro earlier…

Well, here we go with the Digimon Adventure BD box! These BDs are… interesting to say the least, given the source Toei had available for the upscale. All things considered, they look pretty decent for a Toei upscale. We’ve got dual-subs on these, both the official Netflix version and the Ryuu-Rogue subs for those that prefer the fansubbed version. The only change we have made to the RyRo subs aside from styling changes is changing Jyou to Joe . We’ve also ported their sign translations over to the Netflix subs, since those subs lacked the translations. We’ll try and get a few episodes out a week if everything goes to plan. Anyway, enjoy!


UPDATE: We’ve revised the v2 spelling of Jyou to Jo, based on the recent trailer for tri Romanizing it as such. No other changes have been made and the Netflix track retains Joe.


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Mobile Suit Gundam BD Box Complete Series Batch

Mobile Suit Gundam – Complete Series

Universal Century 0079: The Principality of Zeon has declared its independence from the Earth Federation, and subsequently launched a massive war of independence, a war which has raged in every continent on Earth and in nearly every space colony and lunar settlement. The Zeon forces have the upper hand through their use of a revolutionary new type of weapon, their humanoid-like mobile suits. When a Zeon recon team disobey mission orders and begin attacking Side 7, its citizens stumble across the Federations latest weapon: the Gundam. With the aid of Earth Federation soldiers stationed aboard the MS carrier White Base, the newly formed crew of refugees set out to change the course of the One Year War — or die trying.

It’s finally here! This is the complete series for the original Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Box, including a large amount of bonus material, as well as several v2 revisions to update many early episode titles on the full subtitle track to match the actual translations of the names as said by the narrator rather than the inaccurate dub titles. As usual, the bonus material is only available in the 1080p batch, although the original Episode 15 is available in both batches to complete all 43 episodes. Bonus material included is:

  • Artbook Collection
    • Artbook Scraps
      • Gundam Episode Guides
      • Gundam Illustration World II
      • Gundam Mechanics II
      • Mobile Suit Gundam Illustrated 2003
      • Mobile Suit Gundam Illustrated 2006
      • Mobile Suit Gundam Illustrated 2013
      • Ship and Aerospace Encyclopedia
      • The Official Gundam Fact File
    • Gundam Data Collection – Mobile Suit Gundam
    • Gundam Historica I
    • Gundam Mechanics I
    • MS Era Popular Edition
  • Music Collection
    • Best of Mobile Suit Gundam
    • Mobile Suit Gundam OST 1
    • Mobile Suit Gundam OST 2 – Battlefield
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Special Sound Effects Collection
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Symphonic Poem
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Unreleased BGM Collection 1
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Unreleased BGM Collection 2
    • The Complete Music Works of Mobile Suit Gundam – The Series (3 Disc Set)
  • Video Collection
    • Clean OP/ED
    • BD Box Commercials
    • BD Box Trailer
    • Episode 1 Announcement
    • HD Remastered DVD Box Commercial Collection (1080i)
    • HD Remastered DVD Box Trailer (1080i)
    • Playstation 2 Clips (Native HD/SD Upscale Mix)
    • Series Promotional Commercials
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn One Year War Clips
    • “The Lost Episode” Original Episode 15 – Cucuruz Doan’s Island (Subtitled Only, 1080p & 720p, using Zeonic-Corps subs)

Because of the large number of v2 updates, I’ve created a patch pack for anyone that downloaded the original individual torrents that includes a batch feature to patch all the episodes in one go. This will only work if the names of the episodes have not been changed, but I have included the XDeltaUI tool so you can manually patch if you have renamed the files. Otherwise, put ALL the files included in the patch pack in the same folder as the files to be patched and run the 1080pPatches/720pPatches.bat file. Once complete, you can delete the original v1 files and the patching files.


A couple of notes about the so-called “Lost Episode, which was the original Episode 15 in Japan. Because it’s not dubbed, I followed Bandai’s lead and removed it from the episode order, hence it not being numbered, while Episode 16 became 15, 17>16, and so on. Also, because I custom edited Episode 14 to insert the preview for the correct episode that followed, I used a little trick I’ve seen Toei do for standalone Kamen Rider bonus episodes and after the main Cucuruz Doan’s Island episode is over, it plays the preview… for Cucuruz Doan’s Island. This is NOT a mistake. This was done so that the episode and preview are presented completely. I also didn’t replace the OP/ED on this one, so enjoy the JP credits there.


UPDATE 5/4 @ 10am: I’ve managed to get a working version of Track 14 for the Unreleased BGM Collection 1. It can be downloaded below as I don’t want to recreate the torrent and fracture the seeder base.


Lastly, a FLAC pack will be released soon as I am working to redo the edit made to Episode 14 so that the proper audio will be included for the next episode preview when using the FLAC. Look for that in a couple of days.


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Download BGM Collection 1 Track 14 (Mega)


Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 12

Episode 12: Capital Tower Occupied

The Amerian Army’s fleet battles the Capital Army. After the withdrawal of Capital Army forces, the Amerians quietly occupy the holy site of Sankt Porto at the top of the Capital Tower and hold the Pope captive. However, unknown forces attack the Amerian Army and swiftly destroy the Gavial from lunar orbit.


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Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 11

Episode 11: Charge in! The Space War

With both the Capital Army and the Amerian Army greatly boosting their space forces, as well as the perceived threat from the moon, a space war is brewing. A squad of the new Mack Knife mobile suits led by Mask, along with several Catsiths from the Capital Army spaceship Garanden, sortie to attack the Megafauna in space, but is fended off by Bellri and the G-Self. 


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