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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 20

Episode 20: The Lunar Base Infiltration
Sally infiltrates an OZ base in order to destroy the remains of Quatre's Gundam Sandrock, but the Maganac Corps convince her to allow them to take the pieces back to their base and rebuild it. Meanwhile, Duo's Gundam Deathscythe is destroyed in a public viewing of space by possible OZ recruits, one of whom is a familiar face. Heero sneaks into the Lunar Base in order to destroy the two new mobile suits, the Mercurius and the Vayeate, only to be caught by Trowa, now a member of OZ.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 19

Episode 19: Assault on Barge
Duo is easily defeated and captured by OZ due to his Gundam's lack of mobility in space after trying to fight off mobile dolls, computer-controlled mobile suits that require no pilot. Heero sees the battle on television and goes to find and kill Duo, but ends up rescuing him instead. While Lady Une advocates peace, Wufei attacks Space Fortress Barge, but like Duo, his Gundam is unsuited for space combat and he is forced to escape before Une's subordinate, Nichol, finishes him off.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 18

Episode 18: Tallgeese Destroyed
Zechs fights a heavy battle with the Tallgeese against Alliance mobile suits, while Lady Une forces the Gundam engineers to design and build mobile suits superior to the Tallgeese and the Gundams under the threat of destroying a shuttle with Quatre inside.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 17

Episode 17: Betrayed by Home, Far Away
Lady Une has become a diplomat of OZ to the colonies and the colonies debate if they should accept OZ's proposal. Duo and Quatre attempt to catch the attention of the other three pilots while Une captures the five engineers of the Gundams. The five pilots take off into space after Quatre self-detonates the Gundam Sandrock.

Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Box Episode 16

Episode 16: Amuro Deserts
After an intense battle in which Amuro attempts to take command of the battle tactics, Bright decides to relieve him as pilot of the Gundam after Amuro's blunder nearly results in defeat. However, Amuro decides to abandon White Base, taking the Gundam with him as he disappears into the night...

Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Box Episode 15

Episode 15: Sayla's Agony
When the crew runs out of salt, the seek out a salt lake to restock their supplies, but when they are attacked by Ramba Ral, Sayla sorties in the Gundam without authorization...

Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Box Episode 14

Episode 14: Time, Be Still
Time is running out for Amuro when a small squadron of Zeon soldiers on hovering bikes plant time bombs all over the Gundam's frame in an effort to get themselves recalled to the Zeon homeland and back to a more prestigious posting.
There's nothing like glorious 70's QUALITY in HD.

Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Box Episode 13

Episode 13: Coming Home...
Amuro Ray is reunited with his mother Kamaria when the crew of White Base coincidentally decides to rest near the place where he was born. However, his hometown is filled with a tense air thanks to the nearby Zeon base...

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 16

Episode 16: The Sorrowful Battle
Heero and Trowa arrive at Zechs' Antarctica base, where Heero is reunited with the rebuilt Wing Gundam. However, Heero chooses to use Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms to duel Zechs instead, until Relena's arrival to stop the battle interrupts them again. During this, Noin reveals to Relena that Zechs is her brother, Milliardo Peacecraft. When OZ carriers arrive to arrest him, Zechs decides to surrender to them in order to allow Relena and Noin to escape, while Trowa uses the Wing Gundam to pick up Heero and escape as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Blu-ray Box Episode 15

Episode 15: To the Battleground, Antarctica
Noin finds Heero and Trowa and takes them to Antarctica, where Zechs is completing the reconstruction of the Wing Gundam for his intended rematch with Heero. When Inspector Acht, who ordered the destruction of the Gundam, arrives to expose Zechs as a traitor, Noin and Trowa destroy the search parties before they reach Zechs. 
This episode contains a known audio glitch at 14:18. The technician speaking is cut off when Noin cuts in and says "Be patient". Unfortunately, this glitch is present on all the R1 DVDs, so there's no known way to fix this line.