Digimon Adventure The Movie

Digimon Adventure The Movie

Two children receive a strange egg that hatches into their very first Digimon, leading to the night that would change their lives forever.

Well, here’s the first actual movie from the Digimon movie box! We’re pretty proud of how this one turned out, as we’ve done scene-by-scene image stabilization, fixing the gate-weave judder that Toei didn’t bother to address. This does mean there is some minor cropping over the source (2 pixels vertical/horizontal on average from each edge), but we felt this was a worthwhile sacrifice in exchange for a stable image.


Additionally, we’ve added some hum reduction to the BD-sourced audio to improve the quality. For those that prefer it, we’ve included the DVD stereo audio as well since the file size increase for another track was small.


We are hoping to do the TV series box when it is released March 3rd, once the movies are complete, although that will depend largely on funding. While we can hope someone will upload the box, we are hoping to buy a copy of it to take advantage of the low-cost preorder (roughly $336) and to know we have a source for it, so if anyone is interested in donating towards it, drop us a line in the comments or on our IRC channel!


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Gundam Build Fighters Batch 1 – Episodes 1-5

Batch 1 – Episodes 1-5

The near future. Years after the huge “Gunpla”-plastic models based on the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam-boom of the 1980s. A second Gunpla boom is taking the world by storm, fueled by the revolutionary new ability to pilot your own Gunpla creations in “Gunpla Battles”. These incredibly-popular battles culminate in a yearly global tournament.


Our hero, Sei Iori, is a young Gunpla builder who dreams of someday making it to the world championships. An only child whose family owns a model shop, his talent is well-honed, but his weak piloting abilities have led to a series of first-round losses. Then, one day, he meets a boy named Reiji whose piloting skills are incredible. Together as a team, they take on the world!

So, if you hadn’t guessed by (or hadn’t seen) the other banner in rotation at the top of the page, this is the other series we are relaunching with. These will be released in batches of 5 episodes or more. We are using the GundamInfo official subs for these, taken from YouTube and OCR’d. Thanks go out to Shifty, who provided me with the BDs back in November and unfortunately, I’m only just now getting them out. Anyway, enjoy!


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Digimon Adventure 3D – Digimon Grand Prix

Digimon Adventure 3D – Digimon Grand Prix

Twelve racers compete in the Digimon Grand Prix to obtain the title of “King of the Digimon”! However, this isn’t your average race!

We return to active releases with a short file first, coming from the newly released Digimon movie box. We’ve made a few tweaks to RyRo’s subs for this one, but thanks go out to them for the original translation. You’ll find that we’ve got something for everyone here, with 2D and 3D encodes, as well as a 3DS-compatible encode for anyone who wants to check out the 3D version but lacks a 3D display! For more details on 3D playback, including how to use the 3DS encode, check out the 3D Playback guide in the navbar up top. Otherwise, enjoy!


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We’re Back!


It’s been quite a while but we are finally back up and running! I’m going to try and keep this as short as I can, so here’s a list of what to expect:


  • Probably the biggest change is that we’ll be doing several new sub-only shows. That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing dual-audio stuff anymore, just that for right now, the shows I’m most interested in working on happen to lack dubs or else I can’t obtain sources for existing dubs.
  • Batch torrents for supported releases will be reposted over the next few days. If you need one sooner, check the torrent archive link in the navbar (possibly missing right now as I’m still getting everything set up) or request it in the comments.
  • In the future, pulled releases will have their episode posts set back to draft status to avoid a repeat of what took us down before.
  • Some pulled shows will have re-released bonus material batches that consist of encodes that are unlikely to show up on US releases, such as Japanese commercials or unlicensed OVAs.
  • New batches for Gundam 0079 and Endless Waltz will be posted soon-ish, once the files are re-uploaded to the seedbox.
  • A few things were pulled while we were down. RahXephon has been pulled due to DMCAs that arrived after the old Blogger site was deleted, and the Patlabor movies were pulled today due to the announcement that Maiden Japan will be releasing them in the US this year.
  • If I haven’t mentioned it, there are no immediate plans for it. That means the dub versions of Mobile Suit Gundam Movies 2 and 3, Gundam SEED, and anything else I can’t remember. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still planned, just that they are not on top of my list.

We’ve got new releases ready to go up soon after this post, so standby for those. I’m tweaking the site theme on the fly here, so if anything looks out of place, bear with it for the time being. Otherwise, welcome back!


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