Gundam Reconguista in G Gundam Front Tokyo Short

Gundam Front Tokyo Short – FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE

While on maneuvers in the Core Fighter and G-Arcane, Bellri and Aida approach Cyrano-5 where they are attacked by the Mask Corps. After Aida fights off a Mack Knife, the victory is short lived when she is attacked by Mask, piloting a Unicorn-type Gundam, the G-Phenex. As Bell rushes to dock with the G-Self and join the fight, Aida is forced to defend against Mask’s assault…


Time for a fun G-Reco short! This short was shown at Gundam Front Tokyo and recently released on BD in combination with a limited edition Gunpla of the Unicorn Unit 03. It mixes the traditional 2D animation of the series with CG mobile suits as seen above. Unfortunately, we don’t have any subs for this, but if that changes later, we’ll be sure to re-release it. Until then enjoy!


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Digimon Adventure Episode 10

Episode 10: Kentarumon the Protector!

Mimi and Palmon are harassed by Sukamon and Chuumon, before and after unintentionally freeing them from the Black Gears. After escaping, they cross over to the next island where Koushiro and Tentomon have ended up. But the reunion is short-lived as Koushiro is focusing on writing they find. An upset Mimi stomps off and finds herself in trouble.


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Digimon Adventure Patches

As the old saying goes, nobody’s perfect, and neither are our Digimon releases. Due to mistakes on my part, there have been a few issues with some of the recent releases, and it’s time to address them.


Episode 6

This patch corrects the missing OP lyrics on the Netflix sub track. Patches are included for both 1080p and 720p versions.

Download Episode 6 Patches


Episode 8

This patch corrects the missing timecodes attachment for the 720p version, which caused the audio to fall out of sync. The 1080p version is unaffected.

Download Episode 8 720p Patch


Episode 9

This patch corrects the missing OP lyrics on both the Netflix and Ryuu-Rogue sub tracks. Patches are included for both 1080p and 720p versions.

Download Episode 9 Patches


To patch the episodes, simply run the XDeltaUI tool, select the patch file needed, then select the v1 file, choose a name for the v2 file, and hit Patch.


Digimon Adventure Episode 8

Episode 8: Devimon, The Emissary of Darkness!

After the children regrouped, they come under attack by Leomon, a heroic Digimon. When Leomon is joined by his archrival Ogremon, the children’s Digimon evolve to drive the two Digimon back. Soon after, the group arrive at a mysterious mansion which turns out to be an illusion created by Devimon, the force behind the Black Gears.


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