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        1. Because we encode them ourselves for release as a complete file with subs? I don’t see a need to expend double the bandwidth to seed the same files twice.

          1. I’m muxing all the English Dub voices and Animax Asian-English to all the Digimon Adventure DVD-rip files but I wanted a better quality RAW files. I even created my own label and will do a Bluray cover next. http://imgur.com/6VeboIo
            I will gladly share the end result to you if you want when I’m done.

          2. Well, you are welcome to extract the video tracks from our BD encodes, but you’d have to either download the individual episodes or wait for the batch once I finish encoding the series.

    1. They are softsubs, you can disable them with the right click of your video player.

      Or you can use the program “mkvmerge” to remove the subtitles from the video, and get it without subs.

  1. Just wanna drop by and say thank you so much for you and your team hard work. I loved watching this show as a kid, now i get to enjoy it again.


  2. Is this project still going to be finished at some point or is it more or less shelved? Thanks for all the hard work so far, seems like it might be on hiatus though?

    1. It will be finished, I’ve just been busy with other, paid work. As soon as that work is out of the way, I can make a last push on this to complete it.

    1. Lack of time to work on it. I’m working my main job plus freelancing for 3 other companies right now, so I don’t have time to work on Digimon still. It has not been dropped though and will resume when I get time.

  3. thank you so much for taking the time to make us relive our childhood memories once again, still looking forward for the release of the rest of the series, i hope you just did not stop here. :/



    1. I’ll resume releases when I can. I’m working several jobs right now and so unfortunately, Digimon had to go on the back burner because it is the most time consuming of the active projects I’m working on between this site and my live-action encodes. Once I can get the free time to finish it, I will.

  4. heey, I was really looking for some real badass quality releases from the very first season of this amazing anime series. As I saw you don’t have all the S01 episodes I was like “yeah, 1080p ? 2 good 2 b true” (cause the files have been here for a while now) but I see now that you (as most of us, well at least me lol) is kinda sunk in real life time-consuming hard work. And that’s completely okay. When you do have time, I will end up here again looking to thank you for the freaking amazing job. You’re giving us the best quality on one of the best anime of our childhood. So yeah, I would say u deserve an Oscar statue or something (lmao) just for doin’ that.

    Thanks for your time, I’ll look forward to the season’s closure.

  5. why did you stop releasing the episodes?please start again if you can. i searched the internet for a blurry release but found non other than you.


    hope you reply.

    1. At this point, as soon as I have time to get to them, I’m going to just power through the rest of the episodes and release a whole batch like I did with Build Fighters.

        1. At the very least, I’m willing to encode raws based on my filtering setup for Adventure. Doing the full subbing job on it is incredibly unlikely at this point.

  6. How is the porject going? is it dead or is it still a go? Would love to see season 2 be encoded aswell. I don’t mind if there are no Subs on the episodes, these are the only ones i have found so far to download at all

  7. Thanks for your hard work, OZC !

    I’m looking forward for when you upload the rest. Hope you are still going to continue with this project. Thanks again!

  8. Dont know if you are interested but I have a TON of rare English dubs that might interest you!

    -Digimon Adventure (complete series, Singapore English dub)

    -Machine Robo Rescue (complete series, Singapore English dub)

    -Ganbaryuger (complete series, Singapore English dub)

    -Super YoYo (complete series, Singapore English dub)

    -Cyborg Kuro chan (Various episodes English dubbed in Hong Kong, can check for details)

    -Parman (early 80s series. Various episodes English dubbed in Hong Kong, can check for details)

    -Grendizer (episodes 1-19. Filipino English dub. All the episodes dubbed before the Marcos regime cancelled all “violent” childrens programs)

    -Daimos (complete series. Filipino English dub)

    -Voltes V (complete series. Filipino English dub)

    -Laserion (episodes 1-15. Malaysian English dub)

    -Mazinger Z (episodes 1-2, 9-14, 17-20, 22-24, 26-38. Malaysian English dub)

    -Go Ranger (episodes 1-2, 4-11)

    -Bioman (complete series & film, Filipino English dub)

    -Flashman (episodes 7-8, 11-12. Malaysian English dub)

    -Jetman (episodes 1-18, 25-26. Malaysian English dub)

    -Kamen Rider (1971 series. Episodes 11-12. Filipino English dub)

    -Kamen Rider Black RX (episodes 1-4, 9-20, 23-28, 33-34, 37-42. Malaysian English dub)

    -Kamen Rider Kuuga (episodes 1-20. Hong Kong English dub)

    -Kamen Rider Kabuto (complete series. Hong Kong English dub)

    -Kamen Rider Blade Missing Ace The Movie (Hong Kong English dub)

    -Kamen Rider Agito Project G4 The Movie (Hong Kong English dub)

    -Cyber Cop (episodes 1-10, 16, 23-24, 33-34. Hong Kong English dub)

    -Gransazer (episodes 1-16. Hong Kong English dub)

    -Justiriser (episodes 1-17. Hong Kong English dub)

    -Solbrain (complete series. Taiwan/Hong Kong English dub)

    -Ultra Q (Episode 5. Canadian English dub. All other episodes destroyed)

    -Ultraman Taro (complete series. Malaysian English dub)

    -Return of Ultraman (Episode 16. Malaysian English dub)

    -Various Ultraman Movies from 1996-2009. All Hong Kong English dubs.)

    -Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (complete series. Hong Kong English dub)


    and I have some more as well I cant think of. If interested PLEASE email me at the provided email address.

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