Digimon Adventure Episode 23

Episode 23: Oh Friend! WereGarurumon

Yamato, Gabumon, Joe, and Gomamon are being forced to work at Digitamamon’s diner to pay off a meal. PicoDevimon sets off a series of accidents that makes Yamato question Joe’s friendship. He overcomes his feeling when Joe is willing to sacrifice himself to save Takeru, and Yamato’s crest glows and Garurumon super-evolves to WereGarurumon and defeats Digitamamon.


1080p – Torrent (Nyaa)  Magnet

720p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

2 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Episode 23”

  1. Just a heads up. The 720p version lacks chapters. Luckily it’s no trouble using the XML from the 1080p version.

    1. Damn, thanks for letting me know. I noticed it on the 1080p and I thought I patched both correctly but I guess not. I’ll fix it in the batch since it’s non-critical.

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