Digimon Adventure Episode 21

Episode 21: Koromon, The Great Clash in Tokyo!

Taichi and Koromon spend a couple of hours in Tokyo and meet with Hikari. They discover that Digimon are appearing randomly in the real world and, after receiving a troubling message from Koushiro, conclude that they must go back to the Digital World and help their friends.


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4 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Episode 21”

    1. Soon™.


      Seriously though, I’m just about done with editing the audio, then I just need to find time to fit in QC on the remaining episodes. I’ve been swamped with work so thankfully my buffer of ready-to-release Digimon episodes have kept those afloat.

  1. I have no experience with encoding and subbing and all. But may i ask what there is to edit? i mean, arent these blu ray rips where the subtitles are implemented? or am i missing some crucial parts?

    1. The dub audio is seldom included on Japanese BDs, and since the dubs on older shows like this are recorded on versions with older masters, they don’t always sync perfectly. In 0083’s case, because we’re also including the 5.1 Japanese upmix from the US DVDs which features the old effects, I have to edit that track to sync up too. Then, when that’s done, I have to readjust the old subs from my 5-6 year old DVD release because these BDs also don’t include subs. Since I’m overhauling the lyrics styling and such, it’s not as simple as just dropping the track in and adjusting the start time. I COULD just do that, but there’s a lot I can improve so I want to do that.

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