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  1. First, Huge thanks for the Digimon Month! Now for the question: What is going on with the compression by the way? The 1080p file sizes are like 40% larger than with the previous episodes.

    1. Honestly, I can’t directly explain the changes in the file sizes because nothing has changed on my end other than using newer builds of x264, but the encoding sequences and filtering scripts haven’t changed at all. Some of the episodes in the mid-20 range will dip back down a bit but otherwise, they seem to be hovering towards the larger file sizes. If I can find some explanation for it, I’ll certainly see if it is something I can adjust, but since nothing on the settings have changed, I can only assume that this is normal. What I might try is re-encoding one of the earlier episodes with the current builds of everything and see if I get similar or larger file sizes. If they come out the same as they were before, then I will know this is normal.

      1. I’ve been contemplating this, and while I don’t have a solid answer, I have an educated guess based on working with video for a long time.

        I believe this is a case of various kibble from the upscaling process used on the Blu-rays.

        Because the animation is essentially digital AND composite, the upscaling is creating lots of things that don’t necessarily compress well, despite our attempts to clean it up.  Because the animation was done digitally, but composite, the noise created is rather pristine compared to say… a tape, whereby noise on a tape might slightly fade into the picture just because it’s so low quality anyways.

        Because of this, the 720p is significantly smaller because a lot of that ‘noise’ is basically downscaled into generic fuzz and nothingness.

        As for why this is larger than previous episode encodes… best I can figure is they slightly tweaked the animation going into the Etemon story. Or you know… communism.

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