Gundam Build Fighters Batch Pulled

The Build Fighters batch has been pulled as RightStuf has just announced a DVD/BD release for August, which includes the Animax dub as well as English subs. Once we know what, if any, bonus features are included, a bonus-only batch may be re-released.

9 thoughts on “Gundam Build Fighters Batch Pulled”

  1. Why do you guys do stuff like this? like pulling your batches? good thing I already got it downloaded on my PC

    1. Because since Day 1, our goal has been to support official releases whenever possible. When we started, Bandai Entertainment had no intentions to release Gundam 00 on BD or Gundam Wing’s remastered transfer on DVD, but we always said that when and if we got a domestic release, there would be no need for our encodes. While neither of our first two shows have gotten refreshed Western releases, plenty of shows we have done are getting released here, and if we want to keep getting these releases, we have to show Sunrise that the support is there, and distributing bootlegs isn’t the way to do that. The other reason, of course, is it is licensed by a company that will slam us with DMCA takedowns until we disappear, and we went through that once. I don’t intend to do it again.

      Nothing ever truly vanishes from the internet, so I know that people will continue to distribute my releases, but every time I can pull a release in favor of an official release, I count that as a win.

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping that those are somehow getting lumped into the Commercials or Trailers, since that’s pretty much everything but the 3 shorts. I’m just worried they are skipping them because the 3 shorts are not dubbed, which would be a stupid reason to exclude them.

  2. It looks like only Build Fighters is covered, but not Build Fighters Try. How does this affect your plans for a release for Build Fighters Try?

    1. GBF Try is included, and through a source I can’t disclose at this time, we’ve already confirmed that Try will be released shortly after GBF, as well as another Gundam BD that we can’t announce yet (as I’d hate to steal RightStuf’s thunder when it comes to announcements). So Try is pretty much off the table for good, other than possibly assorted bonus material that may not be included with the US BDs.

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