Gundam Reconguista in G Pulled/Batch Cancelled

OK, we’ve been getting a bunch of comments about this so hopefully this post will cover them so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. The torrents have been pulled due to the announcement of a US BD release. A UK BD release is also on the way. A future batch is planned with some bonus material I don’t expect will be included with the US/UK BDs as well as scans of the additional books I have obtained, but these will not be done until I can get my hands on an edge scanner for books as I do not want to debind the books. This batch will ONLY be bonus materials, not the episodes.


Also, in a slightly unrelated note that has nowhere better to go, the GBF releases planned for last week had to be delayed as I had to deal with a family emergency. It’s nothing super serious, but it has required my full attention. As soon as this is dealt with, I will get those episodes posted. Apologies for the delay, but as you might expect, family comes first.