7 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Episode 6”

  1. Thank you so, so, so much. I own the Blu-rays but haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and watch them yet, nor do I have the software (and hardware…) to rip them myself. I will gladly and patiently wait for these, and thanks especially for the two sub tracks. You’re amazing.

      1. Sorry ( smiles ) I’m not a native English speaker . Ryro subs is a fansub or a member of your team? Thanks for answering me.

        1. It’s cool, I wasn’t having a great day when I replied before so I was probably more snarky than I needed to be.


          RyRo isn’t part of our group, they are simply another fansubbing group. We are just including their subs as an option for this release.

          1. Hello , these new episodes : 6,8 and 9. You made ​​a new upload episodes or these patches are only for those who downloaded a while ago ? What I mean is if you made ​​a new corrected version or just kept it? thanks

          2. The patches are for the existing downloads. There have not been new versions uploaded because these changes are small enough. The patched v2s will be included in the eventual batch.

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