Digimon Adventure Episode 2

Episode 2: Explosive Evolution! Greymon

As the children plunge into the river, Gomamon summons a school of fish to catch them and whisk them to safety while Kuwagamon crashes into the water. The group are taken to shore and, after their Digimon partners reintroduce themselves in regard to their new forms, they attempt to determine their location and how to return home.

We’re back to releasing with a revised encode that should address the combing issues seen in the first episode (which has also been replaced with a v2) while still keeping the variable frame-rate encoding we wanted to use. This’ll be the final version for the video work, so any further v2 releases will simply be “bug’ fixes. As I mentioned in the updated Episode 1 post, we’ve revised Jyou/Joe’s name on the RyRo track to Jo, matching the new Romanization seen in the new Digimon tri trailer. Enjoy!


1080p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

12 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Episode 2”

  1. Thank you!



    If there is any torrent port that I can download faster?

    Its download speed is less than 10kb/min now!

  2. We have two seedboxes with shared gigabit connections on them, so any slow downloads means you aren’t connected to either of those boxes. Check your firewall, port forwarding, etc.

    1. Very little actually. I had to manually transcribe the OP/ED lyrics, but otherwise, they are really easily retimed by just matching up stuff like the episode title signs, Digimon “stat screens” and other such signs. The Netflix ones actually are more troublesome in theory because they cut the eyecatches out, but I generally just pick a line that matches the RyRo subs and sync the 2nd half of the Netflix subs based on that.


      The only major stuff is styling the signs to match my personal preferences which is a bit time consuming, and replacing names like the whole Jyou/Joe/Jo thing, but that’s a simple find/replace.

    1. I’d generally suggest the 1080p unless you are watching it windowed or have a display only capable of 720p. In that case, stick wit the 720p to save file size.

  3. Thanks a lot for these! They’ll serve as a nicely-paced leadup into Tri. I haven’t seen Adventure since I was a kid (and never in Japanese), so having it available in HD for my rediscovery is a great bonus!

    Couple questions:
    1) What will the general release schedule for Adventure be like?
    2) Any ETA on the Our War Game movie?

    I know stuff like this takes time and can be hard to guarantee/predict, but I figured I’d ask. Thanks!

    1. Now that we’ve gotten things sorted, I’m hoping to do at least 2-3 episodes a week. That’s by no means a promise, since I have a lot on my plate, but these require probably the least amount of work of anything I’m currently releasing, so it’ll be easier to stick to that.

      As for Our War Game, no ETA on that. It needs a lot of work with the deshake stuff still, and being 2x as long as the first movie means twice the work.

    1. OZC was working on putting an episode up actually.  We were making sure everything was right after the new version of episode 1 and 2, like for example some people commented elsewhere that Netflix had bad translations (we can only confirm that for 02, not for Adventure.  Adventure seems good.)

      Reading this has made me tell OZC to hold off on putting up episode 3 tonight though.

      We do stuff because we are fans.  We aren’t chimps.

      1. Never said that. I was just wondering if OZC had any problems, no bad talk intended.

        Anyway, Episode 03 is up. Thanks and sorry for any misunderstanding.

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