Digimon Adventure Episode 2

Episode 2: Explosive Evolution! Greymon

As the children plunge into the river, Gomamon summons a school of fish to catch them and whisk them to safety while Kuwagamon crashes into the water. The group are taken to shore and, after their Digimon partners reintroduce themselves in regard to their new forms, they attempt to determine their location and how to return home.

We’re back to releasing with a revised encode that should address the combing issues seen in the first episode (which has also been replaced with a v2) while still keeping the variable frame-rate encoding we wanted to use. This’ll be the final version for the video work, so any further v2 releases will simply be “bug’ fixes. As I mentioned in the updated Episode 1 post, we’ve revised Jyou/Joe’s name on the RyRo track to Jo, matching the new Romanization seen in the new Digimon tri trailer. Enjoy!


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Digimon Adventure Episode 1

Episode 1: Adrift? The Island of Adventure!

Mysterious climate changes occur around the world, including a blizzard that falls overnight at a summer camp in Japan. Seven children at the camp—Taichi, Sora, Yamato, Koushiro, Mimi, Takeru, and Joe—are each given an item that falls from an aurora in the sky, and are all swept off by a wave. Coming to in a strange place, Taichi finds himself with an equally strange creature that calls himself Koromon. In time, Taichi reunites with the others as they each have a strange companion of their own. After the creatures introduce themselves as Digimon and the place to be the Digital World, the children are reunited with Mimi as she and Tanemon are running from a Kuwagamon that attacked Taichi and Koushiro earlier…

Well, here we go with the Digimon Adventure BD box! These BDs are… interesting to say the least, given the source Toei had available for the upscale. All things considered, they look pretty decent for a Toei upscale. We’ve got dual-subs on these, both the official Netflix version and the Ryuu-Rogue subs for those that prefer the fansubbed version. The only change we have made to the RyRo subs aside from styling changes is changing Jyou to Joe . We’ve also ported their sign translations over to the Netflix subs, since those subs lacked the translations. We’ll try and get a few episodes out a week if everything goes to plan. Anyway, enjoy!


UPDATE: We’ve revised the v2 spelling of Jyou to Jo, based on the recent trailer for tri Romanizing it as such. No other changes have been made and the Netflix track retains Joe.


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