Digimon Adventure The Movie

Digimon Adventure The Movie

Two children receive a strange egg that hatches into their very first Digimon, leading to the night that would change their lives forever.

Well, here’s the first actual movie from the Digimon movie box! We’re pretty proud of how this one turned out, as we’ve done scene-by-scene image stabilization, fixing the gate-weave judder that Toei didn’t bother to address. This does mean there is some minor cropping over the source (2 pixels vertical/horizontal on average from each edge), but we felt this was a worthwhile sacrifice in exchange for a stable image.


Additionally, we’ve added some hum reduction to the BD-sourced audio to improve the quality. For those that prefer it, we’ve included the DVD stereo audio as well since the file size increase for another track was small.


We are hoping to do the TV series box when it is released March 3rd, once the movies are complete, although that will depend largely on funding. While we can hope someone will upload the box, we are hoping to buy a copy of it to take advantage of the low-cost preorder (roughly $336) and to know we have a source for it, so if anyone is interested in donating towards it, drop us a line in the comments or on our IRC channel!


1080p – Torrent (Nyaa)    Magnet

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Download FLAC Audio (Mega)


47 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure The Movie”

  1. We would have loved to get this out sooner, but the BDs for the films from Toei aren’t in the best of shape, and we are really trying to show these some love for Digimon fans. I can’t wait to finally see the fourth film with stabilization because that film has always been shaky as all hell.

  2. Really looking forward to all these. I did notice some shaking in Digimon Adventure from the blu-ray release in certain scenes from a different release I had found. So will be interested to see how this fares once it’s downloaded. Also hope you get the funding for the pre-order for Adventure cause I really look forward to that too!

    1. Yeah, the shaking in this one wasn’t that bad overall. We probably could have left it alone, but it was a good experiment to see how well the deshaking worked, so we went ahead and did it and I think the results are pretty impressive. I was testing it on Movie 4 last night but it seems my machine ran out of RAM and locked up so I’m going to have to figure out how to address that.

  3. Thanks for the share! Seeing your direction of your release, I was wondering if you will be doing Digimon Adventures tri. as it comes out or will all the releases here be BD exclusive?

    1. We don’t have a subbing team as none of us on the staff are anywhere near fluent enough to translate a show, so we would only do Tri if we get our hands on BD sources when they are released in Japan and if there are fansubs to use as a source for translations.

  4. Awesome release. Digimon = childhood. I especially liked the first and third season. Fifth season was when it turned horrible, and I was SO HAPPY when they announced Adventure Tri.

    1. We’ll be doing all of them for sure. Just a balancing act between the Digimon stuff, GBF, and the toku encodes, but I figure I’ll have the 2nd movie out sometime in the next 7-10 days.

  5. Thanks for the movies!

    Hey OZC i know this is not the topic to ask, but if your planning to do another mech or super robot work in the future, can you please do Godannar? The BD came out last year and no one’s doing it. It seems the perfect show for your skills.

    Of course whatever project your doing right now should always take priority. If you do have the time in the near future i would like you to seriously considering doing this. I don’t mind if you put a donation run for the BD’s and i would definitely donate some money so we could get this thing going.

    Thanks again for your efforts and hardwork!

    1. I’d certainly consider it as I like the show. I need to figure out the licensing status for it though because I have a feeling it’ll get hit like the other now-Sentai held shows I had done.

  6. So happy to see that someone’s putting some quality effort into Digimon!

    The stabilization especially looks great; I’m very impressed! I’d be interested to see details of the method used, even if I’m likely much too lazy to ever actual use it on anything.

    1. While I don’t have a saved copy of the exact settings, the stabilization is done with a combination of the Stab() AVISynth filter and VirtualDub’s Deshaker plugin. Because Deshaker is incredibly good at what it does, it has a habit of stabilizing scenes that should shake, so the final encode is a hybrid cut of two encodes: one left stock from the BD and one stabilized. The idea is that the scenes that should shake will hide the gateweave judder anyway, so I can get away with leaving it as-is, and so they are spliced in as needed. Meanwhile, using Stab() before it is fed into VirtualDub helps to smooth out a little of the judder which reduces the amount of cropping needed to stabilize the overall image. It’s unfortunate that we have to crop it at all, but I believe the stabilized results are far superior to keeping a few pixels off each edge.

      1. Thanks for the details, that actually doesn’t sound that terribly annoying. Still glad someone else is doing the work though.

        Just dropped a donation for the box, and assuming I did that math right that should cover the rest of it. I’m really looking forward to seeing Adventure in not-ass-o-vision, keep up the good work!

        1. Much appreciated! Just waiting to hear back from omniG, since he has the preorder for it on his account, to make sure we hit our goal, but based on the figures he gave me before, yeah, we should be there.

          My original plan had been to do the movies first and then the series but I may start on the series once it arrives and just keep doing the movies as I can since it’ll be a while before the movies are completed. Would rather start on the series sooner.

      1. Mhm, so… could you make and upload raws of those movies? Of course i know, that im kinda rude asking for something like that and if you don’t have time , I won’t make you do it but… I (and propably manny more) would really like to see even a raw verision, BUT in bluray quality of those movies. But, again, if you don’t have time for it, forget it.

        PS: Sorry for my english.

        1. Well, I’m working on encoding the rest of the movies but cleaning up the shaking and such is taking time. I don’t have any plans of encoding them with no corrections as that would take up time on my machines that could be used for other encodes. Eventually, all the movies will be done with the corrections.

    1. Maybe. There is no direct dub for this. The first dubbed movie is a hybrid of the first 3 movies, but I haven’t decided if I’ll be trying to re-create that.

    1. Soon. I’m waiting on the uploads of the discs to complete as omniG had the preorder on his account since he locked in a better price early, so I don’t have the discs in hand, but I think Disc 1 and 2 should be about ready for download. As soon as I get the discs and have a chance to examine what I’m dealing with video-wise, I can start encoding. Releases will probably start in a week or two at most I would hope.

      1. Can’t wait…

        2 more questions

        What do you think the filesize is going to be, and how long do you think it will take you to finish the whole series?

        1. No idea. Until I’ve looked at what I’m dealing with, it’s impossible to predict what the file sizes will come out like. Same with how long it will take.

  7. I only just got my hands on Disc 4 today (had to start with that one because the RAR process decided to put that one in there first.) I’ll be doing test encodes soon, but until I get Disc 1 extracted, that’s all I can do.

  8. Ryuu-Rogue have been planning to redo their Digimon Adventure subs (and do the movies, as I’ve just discovered upon rereading the relevant forum post) for a few years. It would be nice if you could collaborate with them on the new release.

      1. They haven’t been very active lately, but they still exist… although I’m not quite sure about the whereabouts of the translator, onkei-kun, without whom this is a pointless exercise. Anyway, here’s a few links:

        The official Adventure v2 status thread (as much as the thread has never gotten an update) on the official forum.
        The FAQ page with some email addresses on the official blog.
        The IRC channel. It does have some people on.

        I have to agree that the forum does look deserted, so perhaps email or IRC might be better.

      2. Ah, I’m lurking on Ryuu-Rogue’s IRC channel now, and it seems that nezucho, their encoder, wants to do his own Blu-ray encodes. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be opposed to working with you guys though; I have no idea.

        The v2 scripts are reportedly still at onkei-kun.

        1. I believe we once spoke to onkeikun about doing the Digimon Xros Wars manga back when we planned to do that. Perhaps it was just a miscommunication but we never heard from her again. We’d have no issue working with another group, but we are working on these now. Since there hasn’t been a solid announcement of Ryuu even having the BD set or even where their v2 scripts are, it seems unlikely. They announced they were doing v2 half a decade ago or so and there has been no news since.

    1. Looking like we’ll be ready to release this weekend. Only have the first episode ready, but 2 and 3 are almost done encoding so they won’t be far behind.

  9. Hello. I was just wondering whether or not you guys will be uploading the others Digimon movies in the near future. I would really like to have 1080p versions of the movies. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Not sure. I’m still working on the 2nd movie’s image stabilization, as well as the series proper. We will do them though, it’s just a matter of when.

  10. Thx for uploading this. I really appreciate you guys for the HD. BTW, I’m downloading this now but I’m afraid if this file just contained the prologue (greymon vs parrotmon) instead of the whole movie 90m length duration. Am I downloading the whole movie here? Or if nope can you post the whole movie next time? I really missed my old days and this omnimon battle scene really made my childhood awesome

    1. What you downloaded here is the first Japanese movie. What you likely watched as a kid was the US version of the movie, which is actually a patchjob of Japanese Movies 1-3 put together. So yes, you downloaded the whole movie, but this isn’t the movie you remember.

        1. At minimum, not until the series is complete. I’m still trying to work out the stabilization for the 2nd movie when I have time to tinker with it.

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