Digimon Adventure The Movie

Digimon Adventure The Movie

Two children receive a strange egg that hatches into their very first Digimon, leading to the night that would change their lives forever.

Well, here’s the first actual movie from the Digimon movie box! We’re pretty proud of how this one turned out, as we’ve done scene-by-scene image stabilization, fixing the gate-weave judder that Toei didn’t bother to address. This does mean there is some minor cropping over the source (2 pixels vertical/horizontal on average from each edge), but we felt this was a worthwhile sacrifice in exchange for a stable image.


Additionally, we’ve added some hum reduction to the BD-sourced audio to improve the quality. For those that prefer it, we’ve included the DVD stereo audio as well since the file size increase for another track was small.


We are hoping to do the TV series box when it is released March 3rd, once the movies are complete, although that will depend largely on funding. While we can hope someone will upload the box, we are hoping to buy a copy of it to take advantage of the low-cost preorder (roughly $336) and to know we have a source for it, so if anyone is interested in donating towards it, drop us a line in the comments or on our IRC channel!


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