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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop Picture Drama

Picture Drama Episode “The Upcoming Battle – Epyon Ares”

This is the all-new Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop picture drama included on the 2nd series BD Box. For anyone unfamiliar with Frozen Teardrop, it is a sequel set 20+ years after Endless Waltz, in the year 0022 of the Mars Century. To quote the narrator of Endless Waltz, “as long as mankind exists, there will always be battles”, and on Mars, a new conflict has broken out that sees the five Gundam pilots involved once more, along with brand new Gundams.


This picture drama reunites the voice cast of Gundam Wing and adapts a portion of the novel written by series head writer Katsuyuki Sumizawa. Like most picture dramas, there is minimal animation. Unlike our previous release for this picture drama, we have subbed this one! Subs were posted on YouTube some time ago. While the efforts of the translator (Amir Fikri) are certainly appreciated, the subtitles were a bit clunky and overly literal at times.


While I’m not a translator by any means, by using Amir’s subtitles as a baseline and cross-referencing the translations of the novel found at Inchoate Oeuvre, I’ve rewritten the subs to flow smoother and hopefully match the tone of the official subs the series and Endless Waltz use. Those of you who do speak Japanese, keep in mind that I wrote for flow and style rather than 1:1 translation, but I don’t believe I changed anything that impacts the story.


For anyone that has the raw versions included in the Gundam Wing series batches, I’ve created a patch to add the subs to the copy you have! You can get that below. Enjoy!


1080p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

Raw Version to Subbed Version Patch