15 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Episode 34”

        1. Because we encode them ourselves for release as a complete file with subs? I don’t see a need to expend double the bandwidth to seed the same files twice.

          1. I’m muxing all the English Dub voices and Animax Asian-English to all the Digimon Adventure DVD-rip files but I wanted a better quality RAW files. I even created my own label and will do a Bluray cover next. http://imgur.com/6VeboIo
            I will gladly share the end result to you if you want when I’m done.

          2. Well, you are welcome to extract the video tracks from our BD encodes, but you’d have to either download the individual episodes or wait for the batch once I finish encoding the series.

    1. They are softsubs, you can disable them with the right click of your video player.

      Or you can use the program “mkvmerge” to remove the subtitles from the video, and get it without subs.

  1. Just wanna drop by and say thank you so much for you and your team hard work. I loved watching this show as a kid, now i get to enjoy it again.


  2. Is this project still going to be finished at some point or is it more or less shelved? Thanks for all the hard work so far, seems like it might be on hiatus though?

    1. It will be finished, I’ve just been busy with other, paid work. As soon as that work is out of the way, I can make a last push on this to complete it.

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