Gundam Reconguista in G Pulled/Batch Cancelled

OK, we’ve been getting a bunch of comments about this so hopefully this post will cover them so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. The torrents have been pulled due to the announcement of a US BD release. A UK BD release is also on the way. A future batch is planned with some bonus material I don’t expect will be included with the US/UK BDs as well as scans of the additional books I have obtained, but these will not be done until I can get my hands on an edge scanner for books as I do not want to debind the books. This batch will ONLY be bonus materials, not the episodes.


Also, in a slightly unrelated note that has nowhere better to go, the GBF releases planned for last week had to be delayed as I had to deal with a family emergency. It’s nothing super serious, but it has required my full attention. As soon as this is dealt with, I will get those episodes posted. Apologies for the delay, but as you might expect, family comes first.



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  1. Appreciate the heads up/update. We all know just how much work goes into these projects and I’d like to hope for grateful for it. There’s no need to apologize when you’ve never owed anyone anything on here all things considered.

    Take care.

  2. I appreciate all that you have done since you first began this site, and I am sure many other people as well share the same appreciation – I hope that for the ones that are unappreciative, that it doesn’t ruin it for the ones who always are – Family does come first, and I wish you the best during whatever the situation may be – Take care and be well, “OZC” – Thank You 🙂

  3. As stated, thanks for the heads-up. As for the family emergency, take yer time getting back to us. Family is always top priority.

  4. Well, I guess it was lucky for those that were able to get the episodes during your updates at a time, although I still wonder if you plan on subbing that special that involved the Phenix Gundam.

    1. If subs become available, yes. The only reason that would be pulled is if they decide to include it on the US BDs, but since I don’t expect they would, it won’t be going anywhere.

    1. No. Like Unicorn, BDs are available with the dub, and while the regular edition has to be imported via Amazon Japan, it’s really no more expensive than UC’s BDs were.

  5. Is there any chance you will be doing the BDs for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans? Been hearing it’s pretty great so far and on ANN it seems to be an A for every episode review.

    1. Maybe. I won’t be buying them at the very least, since I’m waiting for the dub, but if BDMVs show up online, I may do sub-only encodes. Haven’t decided.

    1. At the moment, no because there is no DVD remaster or BD release. However, if and when there is a BD release for it, I will be all over X because it is my all-time favorite Gundam series and we are getting official subs in 2016 as well.

  6. Personally I think it’s really foolish of you to keep taking down your encodes. I get the impression that you do it because you want to encourage people to buy the blu rays instead, but have you actually thought that through? In the year 2016, who is actually willing to spend $50-100 to watch a show that they aren’t even sure is good? In reality, the best thing you can do to promote sales of Gundam blu rays is to leave your encodes up. They’re the best advertisement for the franchise possible. People don’t buy blu rays to try out a new series, they are for collecting and archival. If a Turn-A blu ray set gets released, I will be first in line to buy it because I love the series, having already watched a fan release of it. I absolutely would NOT buy a blu ray set of a series I had never seen before, it’s too much money for something that might end up being a disappointment.

    You should think about how your actions are affecting the growth of the Gundam fanbase in the west. The best way for Gundam to become more popular is if it’s easily available online for free. Every time you take down one of your releases, that series becomes much harder to find online, because your releases tend to monopolize the seeders on Nyaa. It’s cutting off access to Gundam for people who want to get into the franchise.

    1. You know, I was going to write up a long and wordy reply about how I disagree and I’m wanting to avoid getting sued and blah blah blah. Instead, I’m gonna make this much more simple: I don’t really care. If I’m single-handedly killing Gundam in the West, as someone on /m/ hilariously claimed, then this buyfag is going to watch it burn.


      1. If you don’t care, it would be a lot less harmful if you simply stopped releasing Gundam material, so that someone else can step in to take your place and we don’t end up with no seeded release of whichever Gundam series you’ve decided to take down this week. No one is going to go back now and do a full encode of, say, G-Reco – the moment has passed, and because you took yours down there is no way to view it online. If you had never done G-Reco, someone else probably would have, and that release would still be available and actively seeded now.


        Besides, doesn’t it get tiring putting in all that work to put together a good release of a series and then taking it down a couple of weeks later? This has happened with your Gundam projects several times now. I don’t see what you get out of flushing so many hours of your life down the toilet like this.

        1. You seem to have this mistaken belief that I too subscribe to the ludicrous idea that my encodes are the gateway to Gundam in the West. There’s no reason someone can’t step up and do the same thing I do. And no, it doesn’t get tiring. Considering G-Reco is the ONLY show that got pulled before I managed to get a batch out, and a show like Zeta, despite how many issues people had with my encode, was online for something like 5 years before it got pulled. Hell, 00 is STILL up, my oldest release since it was literally the DAY ONE release. Not to mention, I still have the files. I can enjoy my work any time I want. That other people may or may not be able to isn’t really my concern. Especially since I pay for the vast majority of this stuff out of my own pocket. That’s why I don’t care, and have no intention of caring any time soon.

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