Turn A Gundam I – Earth Light

Turn A Gundam I – Earth Light

The year is C.C. 2345. Growing tensions between the Earthrace and Moonrace have spiraled into an all out war. Mankind’s only hope for peace lies with a young Moonrace boy named Loran Cehack, and his mysterious Turn A Gundam, a relic of a dark history which nearly destroyed the Earth centuries ago. As a citizen of the moon, Loran is loyal to the beautiful Queen Dianna Soreil, all the while fighting to keep the technologically superior Moonrace at bay as the pre-industrial Earthrace tries desperately to catch up.


Time for some Turn A! With no sign of a BD release any time soon and the recent release of the movies with official subs, I figured why not? We’ll be following this up with the 2nd movie in another week or two, once I finish encoding it. One small change to the subs I made is changing Guin’s last name from Rhineford to Lineford. I did this mostly because his family emblem on his airship is quite obviously “LF”, plus I think Lineford sounds better. Anyway, enjoy and look for Movie II, “Moon Butterfly”, soon!


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