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  1. OZC I’m curious about what you think of the attempts made by some people to upscale the dvds rather than encode the bd?


    I made some comparisons here:




    IMO the lines are sharper on the BD, but they’re also darkened and as a result causes black lines to show up in places they didn’t even exist before. The BD however seems to have a clear lack of detail in comparison. Which would you consider better; and was there any reason you decided not to do your own upscaling vs. encoding the BD which is nothing more than a poor attempt at a studio upscale?

    1. The DVD upscale is well done, I will admit. I think they both have their strong points and their weak points, like the DVD source also upscaling some macroblocking not present on the BD, but as you said, the DVD actually has retained some image detail that the BDs lack. As for why I didn’t do an upscale rather than using the BDs, the simple answer is that I’m not personally invested in the show enough to bother weighing the differences myself and experimenting with it. My work on the show in general is more of a favor to omniG than it is out of any direct interest in it myself, which is why I’m releasing it at my own pace when I have time. I’m going to point omniG over here though as I think he can provide more feedback on why he would prefer one over the other, especially since he’s the fan of the show.

    2. It’s been a long week so I’ll likely keep this shorter than normal.


      One of the primary things to remember is, at least for me,  I stick with judging things in detail how I actually watch them.  So in general I’ll be watching running video, from a few feet away instead of looking at singular screenshot close up on my computer monitor.

      Which isn’t to say I don’t do that also.  You can ask OZC, I have eyes like a hawk and can be quite picky.


      For actual viewing the upscales generally keep the video more solid due to the fact that Toei and their affiliated companies for DVD have always done MPEG2 kind of wonky.  The quality isn’t the best and while the BDs definitely have issues they are roughly what you would expect upscaling composite videotape.


      In actual viewing the Blu-ray discs tend to look better.  There is probably some sort of super mix you could do, combining upscaled footage from the 2 different Adventure DVD sets which had encodes that looked quite a bit different at times and the Blu-ray set.


      Now, all that having been said…

      It’s probably worth mentioning it appears your player is setup to add quite a few filters and changes to the video because I checked the files and also had OZC double check in case I had made a terrible mistake and we can’t account for a few elements in your images. Mostly in regards to color and how that color might affect other things.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a sharpening filter had been turned on in your player though.

      I’m willing to have a much longer conversation about this if need be but I can’t have it until I see that you are seeing the same thing we are.

      Here are images to show you what I mean (definitely leaning towards just a color change, but I’m exhausted enough that I’m not looking at it in detail.)
      http://screenshotcomparison.com/images/1442804636_5289431706.png This is the cap you showed of the 720p version of episode 1 from OZC.
      http://theorysend.com/uploads/53cc3eaa068a3d0deb7688359fecd80f17782062 The same cap which I had OZC make in case I was making a mistake.

      1. I’m using CCCP on default setting. No filters (MPC-HC refers to them as shaders) installed on player to even turn on. So I’m not quite sure why there would be any changes in color, but if that was the case it’d effect the dvd screens as well.

        I probably should have just used avisynth to render the screens images though as usual, but was lazy.

        Anyhow I was just curious.

        1. I’m not saying the DVD cap isn’t changed. I didn’t check it. I just know the OZC encode of the Blu-rays has been, which makes any actual comparison in quality a bit moot.

          But color changes can bring out different things from different processes. Any proper comparison would have to be done prior to additional changes. And the OZC caps have been significantly changed as far as color goes in a way that is washing out details, creating black crush, and making certain bits look worse than they do both on the BD and in OZC’s encode.

          Of course, I wouldn’t touch CCCP with a 10 foot clown pole myself and haven’t even given it a minor glance in quite a few years, so I have no idea what it may or may not have on.

          Not to mention settings like that don’t actually have to be turned on from the video player itself. Settings could be changed in a video codec or the video card options that can alter how video content appears.

          1. Turns out the color issue was due to AMD Catalyst Control Center having some video adjustment settings on. I’ve turned everything off in that regard and took another screenshot to compare with the one you linked and the colors now look the same.

    1. It is still going. It was delayed due to some family issues on my end that have thankfully been completely resolved as of today. So I can finally shift back into focusing on my normal life, including working on Digimon.

  2. How is the Digimon Adventure project? Couldn’t find any version as good as yours, hoping to hear some update for new episodes

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